Volvo EX30 – A Compact Electric SUV With a 150kW Fast Charging Rate

Volvo EX30 – A Compact Electric SUV With a 150kW Fast Charging Rate

Volvo EX30 – A Compact Electric SUV With a 150kW Fast Charging Rate

Buying a new car has never been more exciting, especially when you can find something that meets your needs right from the start. This is the case with the Volvo EX30. This compact luxury SUV is a perfect option for the family who wants a vehicle that provides a comfortable ride. It offers plenty of room for passengers, and is also equipped with a 150kW fast charging rate. This means that you will be able to fully charge your electric vehicle on a daily basis.


During a livestream of the EX90 reveal, Volvo CEO Jim Rowan teased a new compact electric SUV that will likely be called the Volvo EX30. At the time, he wasn’t able to give much of a specific range. He did say that it will play an important part in the company’s growth strategy, and that it will be a major part of their 1.2 million car sales in 2025.

He also hinted that a smaller model is coming next year, although he wouldn’t give a specific timeline. He did say that the new EX30 would be a lot smaller than the current models in the lineup. It will be produced at the Middle Kingdom’s Volvo plant in China, where it will sit on the same SEA-E platform used by the brand’s other electric models.

The EX30 is expected to have a range of 350 kilometres, and an entry price of around 40,000 euros. The ‘e-car’ will be built in China, using the same modular SAE platform as the Polestar and Lotus. It will be offered through a subscription plan called Care by Volvo, with a minimum commitment of three months.

150kW fast charging rate

Depending on the location of your Volvo EX30, you can charge to 80% in as little as 40 minutes. It is important to note that the 150kW charging rate is only available on the rear-wheel drive version of the vehicle. The all-wheel-drive version is limited to 100 kW.

According to Volvo, a 150kW DC charging station can charge the battery from 10% to 80% in only 40 minutes. However, this figure may vary depending on the weather conditions, the efficiency of the electric car, and the battery’s condition.

In addition to the 150 kW DC charging rate, the rear-wheel drive XC40 Recharge is also fitted with an on-board 11 kW charger. This charge unit is the same as the one found in the standard XC40 compact SUV. The charger uses the CCS charging standard. The inlet for this charger is located on the near side of the rear quarter panel.

Potential battery options

During the EX90 press event, Volvo CEO Jim Rowan tipped off that the company is working on a compact electric SUV. He also said that he believes the EX30 will play a key role in helping Volvo achieve its goal of selling 1.2 million vehicles annually by 2025. The compact SUV will be manufactured in China, where the Swedish car maker has a factory.

The upcoming Volvo EX30 will be the smallest electric vehicle in the Swedish automaker’s lineup. It will be built on the SEA-E (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform developed by Chinese automaker Geely. It is expected to be smaller and more affordable than the 4.4 metre long XC40. It will have an entry-level price tag, and will be available with a subscription service through Care by Volvo.

The upcoming EV SUV will be the most technologically advanced in the company’s range. It will feature a dual-motor powertrain, and will have more than 250 miles of range. It will be able to travel from zero to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds. It will be available in two different battery sizes.


During the unveiling of the EX90 SUV last month, Volvo executives teased the existence of an entry-level electric vehicle. They said the car would have a price point that would appeal to the Gen Z target demographic. It would also come with roadside assistance and insurance. It would be offered on a subscription plan with a minimum three-month commitment.

The Volvo EX30 will be offered on a subscription basis through the Care by Volvo service. Customers will be able to choose from a range of models that fits their lifestyle. The shortest contract will be three months, but there are flexible terms. This way, the company can attract younger buyers and keep costs down.

The EX30 will be based on the Geely SEA modular EV platform. It features an 800-volt electrical system for fast charging. The car will be built in China, where it will be sold through the Care by Volvo subscription program.

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