The Most Expensive Car Modifications

When it comes to the most expensive car modifications, you’ll find wide body kits to be high on the list. While the cost can be intimidating, this hood-topper will blend in seamlessly with the exterior appearance of the car. And if you think that wide body kits aren’t that expensive, wait until you see them under the hood of a crowded racetrack. The car is actually covered in 25 layers of gold paint!

This is a fairly common car modification that can add over a thousand dollars. One of the most expensive ones is a carbon fiber hood, which will cost you at least 880,000 rubles. But that’s just a sticker price. The hood is an important component of the car’s design, so it needs to be carefully considered. If the modification is too loud, it will fail the MOT. While the hood can be removed without destroying the car’s overall performance, you should consider the price before making a final decision.

Another high-end car modification is a custom Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR 999. The car’s design was created by a Swiss designer and was called “Red Gold Dream.” It cost a whopping USD 11 million. The car’s exterior was painted in eleven pounds of gold and was decorated with hundreds of real rubies. Even the front indicators were gold-plated, giving the car a luxurious look.

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