Car Dealer Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Car dealerships work tirelessly to attract new customers. However, keeping current ones satisfied is just as crucial; thus many – if not most – conduct customer satisfaction surveys regularly.

Get an out-the-door price in writing before leaving the dealer to ensure there are no misunderstandings regarding cost or financing terms of the vehicle you wish to purchase.


Car dealerships typically provide financing through lenders they work with, saving consumers both time and hassle while potentially costing them more money if the dealer increases your loan rate in exchange for its role in the process. Therefore, it’s crucial that consumers understand all available financing options so they can make an informed decision.

Prequalifying for financing from a bank before visiting a dealer can help you sidestep their high rates and hidden fees, and even help you negotiate the price of a vehicle more easily. Furthermore, getting preapproved will give you a sense of your credit terms and how much money is within your reach to borrow – even with bad credit you may find lenders offering flexible terms with competitive APRs so apply online today and receive a credit decision without impacting your score; then send these details on to the dealership!


When it’s time to upgrade, trade-in options can help make replacing your old car more cost effective. Dealerships often appraise current vehicles before paying off any outstanding loans or lease agreements on them – giving you the chance to roll any positive equity into your next purchase.

Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book offer online pricing guides that provide an estimate of your vehicle’s value, which can help provide a starting point in negotiations at dealerships. It may also serve as a helpful reminder when shopping around for your next car!

Before beginning negotiations, save time by having all necessary documents ready, such as your driver’s license, title and registration for your vehicle, proof of insurance and loan account number. Doing this will avoid extra trips or delays during negotiation sessions. Also make sure your car is clean of personal belongings before trading it in. Pay any outstanding parking tickets as part of this process.

Service department

Dealerships make much of their profit from service departments. In addition, dealerships sell car insurance policies and provide financing options as well as selling replacement parts and extended warranties. Some specialize in specific models or types of cars while others welcome all makes and models.

Automakers impose stringent service department standards on dealerships, making meeting them challenging for dealerships. Dealerships often employ factory-trained technicians familiar with each make of vehicle they sell; this enables them to complete repairs more quickly than non-dealership mechanics.

Consumers frequently experience pricing anxiety when servicing their vehicles, not knowing exactly how long the maintenance or repairs will take to complete. To address this concern, dealerships can use intelligent automation to send proactive messaging and recommendations based on each customer’s vehicle history – building trust while decreasing friction while optimizing service bay utilization.

Sales staff

Car salespeople work with customers from diverse generations, cultures and ethnic backgrounds to find them the appropriate vehicle. They keep up-to-date on all of the newest car models by taking test drives themselves so that they can accurately describe each one’s capabilities to their clients.

Personality and persuasion must coexist without pushiness. Most dealerships provide training on new sales techniques, relationship-building strategies and negotiation tactics. A sales manager or “captain” of the sales staff oversees goals and quotas while working closely with Human Resources.

BDC reps serve as your initial point of contact when calling or emailing a dealership for information, as well as setting you up with the salesperson who will show you vehicles. They may also suggest additional products and services like rust proofing or insurance; depending on their dealership size they may even assist with sales paperwork.

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