Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Making of Popular Car Commercials

Have you ever watched a commercial for a car on television and been curious as to what goes into making those 30 seconds look so good?

Car commercials have always been some of the most creative in the business. Take a behind-the-scenes look at some of these iconic ads as they’re created.


Nissan is renowned for its cutting-edge designs, impressive safety records and reliable performance – but how much do you really know about this iconic brand?

Established in Japan, Nissan began as a provider of foundries and auto parts. As the forerunner to Toyota, their core values remain the same today.

In 1914, Nissan unveiled their first automobile: the 10-horsepower Datson. In 1933 Jidosha-Seizo Kabushiki Kaisha (the automobile manufacturing subsidiary of Tobata Imaon, Nissan’s parent company) acquired Datson and renamed it Nissan Motor Co.

Today, Nissan is a leader in safety technology, fuel-efficient powertrains and alternatively powered vehicles like the Leaf. It has sold over one million vehicles globally – with its 240Z being the best-selling sports car worldwide.


Toyota is a global automaker with production plants in 27 countries. It stands out for its cutting-edge products and technology. Toyota sells vehicles and parts for cars, trucks, vans, buses, recreational vehicles, SUVs and minivans alike – whatever the need may be!

Its cars are renowned for their fuel efficiency, safety and dependability. Additionally, it sells hybrid electric vehicles and other eco-friendly technologies.

Toyota’s iconic 2010 Prius commercial featured both live-action and computer animation elements, culminating in an acoustic version of “Let Your Love Flow” set to the theme song from Tom Jones’ hit television series, “Jones.”

Toyota not only produces its own models, but they also manufacture engines for other automakers. Their philanthropic work includes supporting education, conservation, safety and disaster relief efforts. At Toyota they value teamwork, humility and putting customers first – qualities which are evident in everything they do.


Honda’s advertisements are some of the most imaginative, playful and enjoyable in all of automotive advertising. They convey a message that their cars are more than just machines – people can connect to them in unique and unexpected ways.

The company’s latest commercial features twenty-somethings making “leap lists” of life goals. It centers on the redesigned Honda CR-V compact crossover and airs during Super Bowl XLVI.

Connecting with a younger generation of consumers who may not respond well to traditional advertising can be an effective strategy. Furthermore, it helps brands build stronger emotional connections with their target market.


Making a successful car commercial requires hundreds of people, hours of shooting, and days of editing – an exciting process that helps tell a brand’s story.

Mazda’s history began in 1920 when they established themselves in Hiroshima, Japan. Back then, the company was renowned for its three-wheeled motorized carts known as “Autorickshaws.”

As automobile popularity soared during the 1930s, Mazda’s name quickly spread around the globe.

Today, Mazda is one of the world’s premier automakers. Their dedication to fuel-efficient performance and cutting-edge technology have earned them a loyal following from drivers around the globe.


Have you ever watched a car commercial and been curious how it was created? From location to lighting and editing, there’s much that goes into making those 30-second spots look the way they do.

Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors that produces cars and trucks of all sizes. Their vehicles are renowned for their fuel-saving efficiency and thrilling drive performance.

Chevy’s iconic “bow tie” logo is instantly recognizable around the globe, and legend has it that William Durant, founder of the company, first saw it on some captivating hotel wallpaper in Paris.

Since 1911, Chevrolet has prioritized quality, safety and innovation. Furthermore, they are renowned for their dedication to helping people and the communities where they live. As such, Chevy Cares program provides numerous volunteer opportunities to those in need.

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