Chevy’s hardcore Niva concept ready for Moscow journey

Chevy Niva Concept

A couple of weeks in the past, Chevrolet launched a pair of shadowy teaser images previewing a new Niva. And now, with its live reveal at the Moscow Motor Display looming in excess of the up coming snow-capped mountain, the Bowtie brand has taken the wraps off the new concept.

A man, his motorcycle, and his Macaw

To individuals of us who weren’t blessed with feathers and wings – hey, at least we have received thumbs, proper? – the capability to consider to the air, travel massive distances from remarkable heights, only to land appropriate back in which we commenced from is the stuff of fantasies. In truth, it truly is the most widespread reply to the age-previous “Which super energy would you most like to have” questions of our youth.

Viewing the video above, it truly is straightforward to see why flight is this kind of an wonderful strategy of travel. While our protagonists call for two wheels, gasoline for their internal combustion engine and a hefty dose of concentration in purchase not to end up with a horrible case of road rash, their fine feathered pal seems to be to have a much less complicated path, the Macaw floating as it does across an invisible cushion of air.

Volvo aligning model assortment into three families

Volvo XC60 and XC90

Factors have been slow in Gothenburg the previous couple of years, but they are choosing up velocity. The only new model Volvo has released in the previous 4 many years because it was taken above by Geely – that getting the V40 introduced in 2012 – began its improvement when the business was nevertheless beneath Ford’s umbrella. But now the Swedish automaker is preparing to launch a volley of new designs, and the new XC90 is only the starting level.

Helsinki could make owning your personal vehicle a factor of the past


Helsinki, Finland is no stranger to transportation choices. From EV testing to a strong public transportation system, the northern European city knows that private autos are not the only alternative to get close to. In the long term, although, personal cars might not be a logical alternative at anyone residing there.

Tesla Model S now the least-stolen car in the US

tesla model s red

When is a Honda Accord a lot more attractive than a Tesla Model S? When you’re a thief. The Accord continues to reign as the most-stolen automobile in the US but the Model S is now claiming a new and intriguing title: the least-stolen car in America. Final year, it was not even on the checklist. Of course, sometimes a Model S is stolen and the most famous situation ended with tragic results.

Batman caught astride Batcycle in Japan

Holy makeshift Batcycle, Batman. This rider in Japan deserves a round of applause and pat on the back for his commitment to an concept. We’ve noticed people develop far more genuine searching recreations of the Batpod in the past but in no way with this considerably commitment to the total seem.

This Dark Knight reportedly rides about Chiba, Japan, fairly usually and always in full Batman regalia. Presumably he is out fighting injustice, but we kind of also like the thought that he’s just operating errands like this, as well.

2014 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG goes Unplugged in Detroit

2014 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG | Autoblog UnpluggedAs a reformed hooligan, there is even now nothing at all far more paralyzing to me than flashing red and blue lights matched with the sound of a siren, on a auto headed appropriate towards me. But it occurs. And it took place while I stood in a cold Detroit parking great deal taking the photographs of the matte black 2014 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG you see here. On its very own, the Merc (“Darth Benz” as my buddy Eric aptly named it) seems all kinds of suspicious, with its murdered-out search only broken by chrome accents and the red brake calipers lurking behind those wheels. But I was not performing anything at all incorrect. For when.

Two cruisers with 4 uniformed patrolmen pulled up, inspected the auto, questioned me, and after realizing that every thing was copacetic, two of ‘em left. But the other pair hung out a bit longer, asking to see the engine, appear within, and finally, request me for a ride down Fort Street. I happily obliged, and joked about it being a shame that I couldn’t genuinely open up the AMG G-Wagen for them, getting to preserve to the posted speed restrict, right after all. But the cop riding shotgun laughed, and instructed me to “hit it,” when pulling away from a stoplight. So I did. And he laughed. Maniacally.