Will Mazda present the following Miata’s chassis in NY?

Mazda MX-5 Miata Spy Shot

Mazda is currently being very sneaky about what it is bringing to the New York Automobile Show, and it may possibly have anything to do with the subsequent-generation MX-5 Miata. Australian site Motoring.com.au spoke to a firm insider who advised the Aussie publication that at least the chassis for the roadster will debut in Manhattan. As the rumor goes, the show will act as a kickoff for the PR campaign for the new model.

We contacted Mazda USA PR Director Jeremy Barnes to locate out much more, and he would neither confirm nor deny the rumor. “Just because you read it on the World wide web isn’;t going to indicate you should repeat it,” he explained to Autoblog. That’;s not exactly an outright denial.

Supporting proof that the new droptop may well be appearing in the Massive Apple includes Mazda’;s strategy to celebrate the model’;s 25th anniversary at the present. It’;s bringing 15 cars from the initial 3 generations to show. “It will be definitely worth attending the New York Auto Show if you are a Miata fan,” Barnes explained. That at least hints that there may possibly be something he’;s not telling us. Otherwise, it really is a great deal of sizzle without any new steak.

The new MX-5’;s platform has been developed as a joint venture amongst Alfa Romeo and Mazda. Nevertheless, there is now a query no matter whether Alfa is going to actually use the platform, simply because Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne reportedly refuses to build the cars outdoors of Italy. Thankfully, the wait won’;t be extremely lengthy to uncover out whether or not some portion of the new Miata is being unveiled, simply because the New York Auto Demonstrate opens on April 16.

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