What is GAP insurance coverage?

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Car crash

If your car is written off (or stolen) the insurer will only pay out up the current market value – and that will not be sufficient for a like-for-like replacement, allow alone having to pay off any finance liability you may have. That is the place GAP insurance comes in

WE all know that a motor vehicle commences to depreciate as soon as it leaves the showroom. Certainly the rate of depreciation will vary based on the make and model, but there will always be a difference in between the marketplace worth and the price tag you paid for a automobile.

GAP insurance coverage is a really crucial solution to buy when leasing or contract hiring a new car

This is exactly where GAP insurance coverage comes in. It’s an apt title, given the circumstances of its use, but GAP actually stands for Assured Asset Protection, and it is offered as an insurance coverage policy add-on for new, utilised and leased vehicles.

In the event of your vehicle getting stolen or written-off, a common totally comprehensive motor insurance policy will only offer the trade market place value of the automobile quickly before the time of the incident. This will inevitably lead to your getting out of pocket, usually to the tune of 1000’;s of pounds, leaving you without having a car and without the means to acquire a like-for-like substitute.

GAP insurance efficiently fills the gap between the market place worth and the unique value paid for the vehicle, covering you against the variation in value.

If the automobile has been bought on finance, any excellent debt will be settled 1st, with any cash leftover paid to the insured.

Here’s an explanation of the diverse types of GAP insurance coverage on the industry.

Return to Invoice Combined GAP insurance coverage

RTI (Return to Invoice) Mixed is the most widespread kind of GAP insurance coverage and pays the distinction amongst the vehicle’s market value and the price tag initially paid. This would also incorporate any outstanding finance left to pay out.

This is particularly good for autos bought on finance, as the policyholder would have the cash the 2 to purchase a new automobile and pay out any outstanding debts.

Return to Invoice GAP insurance 

Also acknowledged as Invoice Price Safety, this policy pays the variation amongst the vehicle’s market place worth at the time of the loss and the price initially paid for the car. This is the perfect policy for autos paid for in complete or in which a massive deposit has been manufactured on a finance agreement.

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