What could go incorrect?

As I observe the Obamacare saga unfold, it brings yet another revolutionary idea to thoughts.

The time has come for every man or woman in this nation to have automobile insurance coverage. We should pass a federal law that needs every U.S. citizen to have car insurance, or they’ll have to spend a $ 25 penalty. The insurance coverage must cover almost everything — accidents, repairs, tires, preventative maintenance (oil changes), and so forth. All the billions that individuals now spend on these items could then be poured into our sluggish economic system. We basically can’t afford not to do this.

As an alternative of youthful individuals purchasing their very own insurance coverage when they buy a auto, we’ll mandate that insurance organizations cover them below their parents’ strategies till they’re 26 years previous.

We’ll retain the services of hundreds of 1000’;s of very-paid federal bureaucrats to market and deal with this new method. They’ll dump billions more into the economic climate from their exorbitant salaries and cost accounts. With excellent, sharp, penny pinching federal bureaucrats in charge, we’ll get the good quality, courteous, friendly client service that we deserve. Consider IRS.

Of course in today’s America, automobile transportation is as essential as foods, shelter and overall health care. No automobile, no job. No task, no meals. So the government should give the very same insurance, totally free of charge, to those who select not to pay for it as those that do. They will, nonetheless, have to spend the $ 25 penalty, except if they cannot.

I think this is a plan whose time has come. What could potentially go incorrect?

Dave White


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