Volvo already arranging street-going V8 Supercar?

Volvo S60 V8 Supercar at Adelaide

Following decades of cat-and-mouse battle waged amongst Holden and Ford, Australia’;s V8 Supercars series has expanded significantly. Mercedes and Nissan each joined the grid last season, and Volvo has followed suit this 12 months. So when 2014 championship kicked off earlier this month in Adelaide, everyone was watching to see who would come out on top.

The solution is Holden, which took very first place in all 3 of the weekend’;s races. In truth the General Motors division locked out the podium in the initial and third races and took first and third areas in the 2nd race, letting just one particular other producer onto the podium the entire weekend – and that was Volvo. The Polestar S60 scored 2nd location on its very first race weekend, beating all the Nissan Altimas, the Mercedes E63 AMGs, the Ford Falcons and most of the Holden Commodores.

Now that is hardly winning the championship, but it is a extremely sound debut. And that level was not lost on the men and women back at headquarters in Sweden, who are currently thinking about producing a roadgoing version of the race-spec V8 Supercar.

Speaking with Aussie automobile site, Volvo R&D chief Peter Mertens hinted that such a task is becoming designed, despite the fact that it most likely wouldn’;t be based mostly on the recent S60. Instead it would have to wait on the up coming-gen model that will share its Scalable Item Architecture with the approaching new XC90. That could take some time, but we’;re positive that the engineers at Polestar are not wasting any time getting it prepared. In the meantime the S60 Polestar with its 345-horsepower turbo 6 will just have to suffice.

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