View this Land Rover Discovery get its frame swapped in 4 minutes

Land Rover Discovery chassis replacement

Body-on-frame vehicles are becoming increasingly rare in the modern automotive landscape. The weight savings supplied by a monocoque chassis design have meant that framed cars basically only exist today in the world of pickup trucks and large SUVs. However, they do offer one huge advantage over unibodies – if necessary, the platform can be detached and replaced underneath the vehicle.

The video below compresses the chassis replacement of a 2004 Land Rover Discovery Series ll at J. White’;s Automotive in Framingham, MA, from a weekend down to 4 minutes of time-lapse footage. If the lot outside the workshop is any indication, these folks know a lot about working on Land Rover products, and they make this job look like a breeze.

If you dig seeing how cars work, then the whole process is a wonder to behold, especially once the chassis gets separated from the body. Amazingly, it looks like just 2 guys do most of the labor on the project. Scroll down to watch the whole operation from beginning to end.

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