View the crazy way you refill washer fluid in the Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo

In a lot of ways, the new Renault Twingo is a very outdated-college automobile. Even though its search and mechanicals are fully modern day, moving the engine to the back with rear-wheel drive harkens back to tiny, European vehicles of the ’;60s. The little Frenchman has a platform co-produced with Daimler and shares its underpinnings with the subsequent-generation Wise. Nonetheless, It also brings back some of the quirkiness to French autos that has been dwindling not too long ago. Situation in stage: The way Renault developed the hood opening.

Just knowing how to open the front is a puzzle, and as the guy in this video from demonstrates, items only get weirder from there. The host claims that the design is going hold owners from getting dirty, but that looks very dubious. We just enjoy that French autos get to be legitimately odd yet again. Just scroll down and watch the video. You may see.

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