View a flying Aventador crash in London visitors: Lamborghini crash video has almost everything

Lamborghini crash video has every little thing

Often you just get lucky. In this case, it really is you, the Autoweek reader who’;s doing the lucky-getting. You see, generally, when some weenie dings his flat-black Aventador, the most you can hope for is a photo or 2 of the carbon-intensive carnage. But nowadays, YouTube user (and McLaren proprietor, apparently) Shmee 150 has posted a video of the crash as it occurred and, given that no 1 was harm, it ended up becoming fairly amusing. Aside from the Lambo leaving the ground, our favorite component had to be viewing the unhappy, acid-washed-denim-clad driver and his leggy passenger sheepishly extracting themselves from their damaged bull.

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