Vice chronicles Okinawa’s unlawful street racing scene

Vice Okinawa Racing Documentary

We all know that street racing is harmful, and that motorsports are very best left on the track or drag strip. However, that does not mean that there even now is not some outlaw allure among lovers of racing on public roads. In this video, Vice Japan profiles Eikichi Nagayoshi of Japan’;s island of Okinawa. He is a used vehicle dealer by day and an unlawful racer by night.

Nagayoshi has a deep adore for his highly personalized Toyota Aristo (better identified to us as a initial-generation Lexus GS) that he claims generates above 1,000 horsepower and has hit 205 miles per hour. He races his auto each on drag strips and in drifting competitions, but says that he usually has to ship the automobile to mainland Japan to compete. In the absence of individuals opportunities, he often gathers pals and requires the racing to the public roads. While we’;re not down with street racing, this Vice video is an intriguing persona piece, as properly as a search into Japan’;s fabled underground racing scene. Scroll down to examine out the video, but make certain you have the “CC” button clicked, due to the fact a number of portions are subtitled.

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