Very best Car Insurance Rates in Pennsylvania

ValuePenguin not too long ago carried out a research on a large quantity of auto insurance coverage costs in Pennsylvania in purchase to give drivers a feel for the best auto insurance rates in the the state. We analyzed car insurance charges across several elements which includes driver profile, city, and car insurance coverage organization. Following this analysis, we established that the common month to month premium was $ 98 per month or $ one,175 yearly across the state of Pennsylvania. As you would picture, the costs paid in certain cities and across diverse driver demographics varied extensively. For example, monthly premiums for a thirty yr-outdated female in Philadelphia insured by means of Liberty Mutual had been virtually 4x what a 65 12 months-previous married couple in Allentown would pay out insuring their automobile with Progressive. Seeing that there’;s this kind of a wide variation depending on distinct factors we constantly propose that shoppers store about for a number of quotes to uncover the best insurance businesses operating in your town.

Price of Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

In our examination, we looked at 4 separate driver profiles. The demographic profiles we sampled had been:

  • thirty year-previous, single male
  • thirty-year old, single female
  • 40-year outdated married couple
  • 65-yr previous married couple

Vehicle Insurance coverage Rates by City

We then looked at costs from several car insurance coverage firms in 5 Pennsylvania cities. In the graph beneath you may see the regular yearly insurance fee for each and every of the 5 cities. The charge is the typical of insurance premiums from all 4 demographic profiles. Philadelphia earned the distinction of getting the most high-priced car insurance in the state by practically 35%:

Looking at Demographics

If you are analyzing by demographic in every single city you may see that in most cases and all issues getting equal, the younger the driver the more pricey his or her insurance. It is no distinct in Pennsylvania. Single thirty year-old’;s were the priciest demographic we looked at with girls ($ 1,321 per year) currently being somewhat a lot more high-priced than their male counterparts ($ 1,302) despite the fact that the opposite was accurate in Scranton exactly where ladies saved nearly $ 25 yearly versus guys of the exact same age. Here is what it seems to be like graphically:

Philadelphia, PA

Philly earns the distinction of possessing the most pricey auto insurance in the state by a long shot. 30 year old single females have been the most expensive in the state in any demographic and the average car insurance premium was 35% increased than the 2nd area city, Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh, PA

Automobile insurance costs in the Steel City have been 2nd highest in PA at $ 96 per month or $ one,154 annually. GEICO’;s prices had been cheapest on average at $ 87 per month even although 65 year-old married couples would be greater off insuring with Progressive ($ 53 regular monthly) which is about forty% more affordable than GEICO’;s fee in that distinct demographic.

Allentown, PA

Allentown completed in the middle of the pack having regular annual car insurance premiums of $ 1,092. If you happen to be hunting for the most affordable costs, Progressive Insurance at $ 81 per month was sixteen% less costly than the following greatest insurance coverage firm giving.

Erie, PA

Erie tied with Scranton for the most affordable PA car insurance prices of the 5 greatest cities. At $ 1,032 per month, both cities are 52% more affordable than Philadelphia. GEICO presented the best rates in all demographics except for 65 year outdated married couples exactly where Progressive was 20% less expensive at $ 50 per month on typical.

Scranton, PA

As talked about over, Scranton tied with Erie as possessing the cheapest charges in Pennsylvania. GEICO was least expensive for 30 yr-outdated males and forty 12 months-old married couples while Liberty Mutual presented the best costs to thirty yr-outdated single females ($ 78 per month) and Progressive had the most affordable premiums for 65 12 months-old couples at $ 51 month-to-month.

  Single Female, 30 Single Male, 30 Married Couple, 40 Married Couple, 65 Typical
Philadelphia, PA $ 1,825 $ 1,710 $ 1,505 $ 1,228 $ 1,567
Pittsburgh, PA $ one,292 $ one,293 $ one,140 $ 891 $ one,154
Allentown, PA $ one,258 $ one,175 $ 1,073 $ 862 $ one,092
Erie, PA $ one,154 $ one,155 $ 1,023 $ 796 $ one,032
Scranton, PA $ one,078 $ one,174 $ 1,046 $ 828 $ 1,032
Average $ 1,321 $ one,302 $ 1,158 $ 921 $ 1,175


Our sample quotes have been pulled for 4 driver profiles across the 5 cities listed in the examine. These cities signify the 5 largest municipalities in the state of Pennsylvania. We picked a single thirty year outdated female, single thirty 12 months previous male, a forty yr old married couple, and a 65 year old married couple as our 4 demographics. All profiles had excellent credit score, zero accidents in the past 3 many years and state minimum liability coverage. All people for function of this study are driving a 2010 Toyota Camry and typical all around 12,000 miles per yr on the street.

Average premiums are for illustrative purposes only. Consumers’; real estimates will differ primarily based on their physical residence, driving background, motor vehicle, and other aspects.

Information existing as of March 2014.

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