Verify out this tour of Arash’s factory and an AF8 dyno run

Arash AF8

As boutique automakers go, Arash has been around for very a lengthy time, yet it has not genuinely created a lot of a splash. We 1st reported on them a whopping 6 many years ago, and considering that then, the English-created brand has trotted out a slow and regular stream of exotica.

YouTuber Shmee150 has a excellent tour of the Arash amenities, guided by the firm namesake, Arash Farboud. The 2 movies incorporate a chat about the company’;s new mid-engined AF8 supercar, as nicely as a check of its V8 powertrain on the dyno. There is even an exploration of the carbon-fiber build method and Farboud’;s initial car, the Farboud GT (the latter would be provided underneath the name Farbio in 2007).

The video is a actually, actually intriguing search at how a tiny, boutique manufacturer functions. There are some telling statements from Farboud, as well, such as him expressing that he’;d “really like” to have a production line. Small operations like these truly are a distinct dimension of vehicle creating.

Scroll down and have a look at both video clips.

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