Vehicle owner&#39s verbal notification of incident to insurance firm legitimate: Dubai Court

The Dubai Court of Cassation has issued a new principle concerning car insurance claims.

An insurance firm’s information about an incident serves as written notification, ruled the court.

Based mostly on this principle, the Court of Cassation rejected the verdict of the Court of Very first Instance, which had rejected the lawsuit filed by a automobile proprietor towards one particular of the insurance coverage firms.

The plaintiff [vehicle proprietor] claimed that when his auto was stolen from Ajman, he had informed the director of the insurance organization verbally.

The reduce court rejected his claim citing that he had failed to notify the insurance coverage company in creating.

The plaintiff had filed a lawsuit demanding  Dh235,000  from the insurance firm.

The Court of Initial Instance dismissed the lawsuit saying that the owner failed to notify the insurance business in creating.

So the proprietor moved the Court of Cassation.

The Court of Cassation annulled the prior judgment reasoning that the insurance coverage organization knew that the automobile was stolen as the fact was verbally conveyed to the organization.

But as it is clear that the vehicle owner met with the insurance coverage company official, and told him of the incident, this kind of a stage serves as a written notification.

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