V6 volume will not be turned up anytime quickly in Formula One particular: Niki Lauda: ‘We have to get employed to it’

Niki Lauda: ‘We have to get utilized to it’

By: GMM on March 20, 2014

Niki Lauda is just one of many people throughout Formula One who have complained about the sound of the new engines.

LAT PHOTOGRAPHIC – Niki Lauda is just one of numerous people throughout Formula 1 who have complained about the sound of the new engines.

It is “absurd” to recommend Formula One should urgently flip up the volume of the new turbo V6 engines.

That is the view of Mercedes crew chairman Niki Lauda, who days in the past in Melbourne admitted the sound of the 22 vehicles charging to the 1st corner left him underwhelmed.

Williams technical boss Pat Symonds agrees. “For me the commence is the most interesting portion of the race, and I loved it when the 22 drivers revved up their engines,” he explained.

“I don’t usually complain about the sound, but at the commence [in Melbourne] it did look a bit quiet,” he told Car Motor und Sport.

Lauda, even so, stated: “The debate about the engine noise is absurd — you can not modify that now.

“It was determined by all events 5 years in the past that they wanted turbo engines, and so we put in a turbocharger before the exhaust.

“It has a various sound, any child understands that,” the Austrian informed Osterreich newspaper. “If you take the turbo away, you don’t have hybrid engines any longer.”

As for the duller sound, “We have to get utilised to it,” Lauda insisted.

With a somewhat more open frame of mind, nonetheless, is Lauda’s Mercedes colleague Toto Wolff.

“I’m not a lot of an engineer,” he told Finland’s Turun Sanomat newspaper. “These issues will be looked at.

“If it is determined that anything should be completed, then we would have to consider about it carefully.

“I would think that it is attainable, but no matter whether it is proper, I don’t know.

“The V8 engines sounded wonderful, but I saw this race [Melbourne] up near and I can assure you that F1 is nevertheless the best of motor sports activities, it’s not GP2.

“This [move to V6] was the correct stage,” Wolff insisted.

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