Uninsured motorist insurance coverage could not cover what you believe


A Glendale man is puzzled in excess of a specific coverage on his car insurance coverage policy. He believed uninsured motorist coverage protected his automobile but it totally does not.

Make no error, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage can be really valuable, but if you feel it pays for anything associated to your car, you would be incorrect.

Kent Myers’; truck is fixed now but it was in negative shaped last month. Myers says a man, in a car chase with police, smashed into his truck creating thousands of dollars in damage.

“When DPS (Division of Public Security) was interviewing him, they discovered out he did not have an insurance coverage card, did not have insurance, didn’;t have a driver’;s license,” Myers explained.

The police report discovered the other driver to be at fault and restore estimates have been up to $ 6000. Myers doesn’;t have collision coverage on his paid-off truck but he was specific his insurance coverage would pay to repair the damage through the uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage (UM and UIM) he does have. He soon identified out from his insurer that’;s not what UM or UIM covers.

“Said it does not cover injury to your auto, what it covers is key health-related,” Myers explained.

UM-UIM covers injuries to you or individuals in your automobile if you happen to be hit by a driver with no or not adequate insurance. Myers says he only purchased the coverage due to the fact he believed it covered harm to his automobile if he was hit by a comparable driver, but that’;s in no way been the case.

“The uninsured and underinsured strictly covers bodily damage not house damage,” Myers stated.

It also pays for lost wages, even a death, but drivers want to realize that UM-UIM in no way pays for damage to their motor vehicle.

“I have previously talked to a number of men and women who have been beneath that impression and I’;ve informed them, not in Arizona, it doesn’;t perform that way,” Myers mentioned.

Most states deal with uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage the exact same way.

So bottom line: If your car is paid-off, but you still want your insurance coverage to spend for accident damage, preserve your collision coverage.

UM-UIM can be useful damage coverage. It pays for all your out-of-pocket health care costs up to the policy restrict, with no deductibles or copays like regular well being insurance, just do not consider it ever pays for your auto.

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