Toyota’s new subcompact will use Mazda’s Skyactiv engine

Mazda’;s new assembly plant in Salamanca, Mexico, will allocate about 50,000 cars for Toyota from its complete yearly capacity of 230,000 units.

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SALAMANCA, Mexico — Toyota Motor Corp. will add Mazda’s fuel-effective Skyactiv engine to its small secure of borrowed powerplants when it sources a new Mazda2-primarily based subcompact from Mazda’s just-opened assembly plant right here.

The vehicle will get Toyota-made sheet metal on the outside but Mazda’s large-compression, fuel-injected Skyactiv gasoline engine underneath the hood, said Keishi Egawa, CEO of Mazda’s operations in Mexico and director of its plant here.

“They will make model-specific investment for the Toyota motor vehicle,” Egawa stated in an interview at final month’s factory opening. “Stamping, dies — that is theirs,” he mentioned, as effectively as “some of the interior style operate.” But the Toyota spinoff will use “our engine,” he said.

50,000 a year

The factory will allocate about 50,000 autos for Toyota from its total annual capacity of 230,000 units. Output for Toyota is expected to get started following April one, 2015, but prior to March 31, 2016.

Utilizing Mazda’s Skyactiv engine might aid Toyota burnish the appeal of its subcompact offerings. The vehicle is pegged to substitute the lackluster Yaris, the most current generation of which arrived in the United States in the fall of 2011 with a carryover engine and transmission. It would be one of only a couple of direct-injection engines at Toyota. Only pick Lexus nameplates, the Scion FR-S and some Japan-marketplace Toyota sedans, such as the Crown, use direct injection.

For Mazda, it means maximizing economies of scale at its Mexican operation. It also allows Mazda to encourage its Skyactiv technologies as the powerplant for a properly-respected rival.

This 12 months?

Mazda has not released particulars of the up coming-generation Mazda2, but it is anticipated to enter manufacturing in Mexico as early as the second half of this 12 months. The business started generating the Skyactiv-outfitted Mazda3 sedan and hatchback at the website in January.

Even though the Japan-market Mazda2 already delivers a 1.3-liter Skyactiv engine, the existing U.S. edition does not get Skyactiv remedy. The subsequent generation is anticipated to receive the total set of Skyactiv technologies, including the new engine, transmission and chassis.

Mazda is migrating its complete lineup to the lightweight Skyactiv architecture, which aims to boost fuel economy whilst maintaining responsive driving dynamics. A crucial mission of the Salamanca plant is to even more the penetration of the Skyactiv lineup in other markets.

Others’; engines

A Toyota spokesman confirmed that Toyota’s Mexican-constructed spinoff of the Mazda2 will get a Mazda engine assembled on-internet site. He declined to comment on what other Skyactiv technologies, this kind of as chassis parts, would be utilized in the Toyota version.

Toyota is no stranger to employing engines from other producers, even though it does so rarely. Its Scion FR-S makes use of an engine from Subaru-builder Fuji Hefty Industries, and its Verso minivan will get a diesel engine from BMW AG. The Lexus LFA sports car, which ended manufacturing in 2012, was powered by a V-10 engine from Yamaha Motor Co.

In October, Mazda will open an engine machining store subsequent to its Salamanca assembly plant. It will be versatile adequate to machine any engine in Mazda’s lineup, gasoline or diesel. Supplying some of the engines to Toyota could aid it accomplish much better economies of scale.

Mazda currently mounts only the 2.-liter Skyactiv gasoline engine in the Mazda3s assembled in Mexico. Mazda3s with the 2.5-liter engine are manufactured in Japan.

A Mazda spokesman declined to give long term engine deployment plans for Mexico.

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