Toyota will use Mazda’s Skyactiv engine in new subcompact

Mazda Hazumi Concept

It seems like Toyota is going to have a minor far more zoom-zoom in the potential. The giant Japanese automaker has struck a deal with Mazda to use its Skyactiv engines for the feasible replacement to the Yaris. The new subcompact will be created below contract by Mazda at its new factory in Mexico.

Keishi Egawa, CEO of Mazda in Mexico, informed Automotive Information that Toyota would be accountable for the interior and exterior design and style and would allocate 50,000 subcompacts per year to Toyota of the factory’;s 230,000-unit capacity. Manufacturing of the new model will start amongst April one, 2015, and March 31, 2016. Toyota has not confirmed regardless of whether the presumed Yaris substitute would also share other parts with Mazda.

An official production date for the subsequent Mazda2 has not been set however, but it really is expected around the 2nd half of 2014, in accordance to Automotive News. Mazda also hasn’;t said what edition of the Skyactiv is going into the little hatchback. Whilst the Hazumi notion, which probably previews the next 2, is making use of a new Skyactiv-D 1.5 diesel, this powerplant is unlikely for the US model.

The deal looks to be an ultimate vindication of Mazda’;s promise that Skyactiv would permit for class-foremost, fuel-effective engines. “You can’;t out-Toyota Toyota and you cannot out-Honda Honda. You’;ve acquired to be you,” explained Mazda USA’;s director of communications Jeremy Barnes to AutoblogGreen in 2011. Now, it has the world’;s biggest automaker striking a deal to borrow its tech.

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