Toyota reveals new TS040 Hybrid LMP1 [w/movies, poll]

Toyota TS040 Hybrid

There is a new season of motor racing on us, and while that doesn’;t constantly imply a new crop of automobiles in every single series, in the situation of the 2014 FIA Globe Endurance Championship, which is precisely what it implies. Porsche lately exposed its new 919 Hybrid and Audi its revised R18 E-Tron Quattro. Now it truly is Toyota’;s turn.

Revealed right now at the Paul Ricard check track in the South of France, the new TS040 Hybrid is primarily based on the TS030 Hybrid it replaces, redesigned to meet the most recent rules established by the FIA and ACO for the Planet Endurance Championship and its flagship race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In accordance with explained regulations, the TS040 is 2 inches narrower than the TS030 and also incorporates a new hybrid powertrain.

The earlier 3.4-liter V8 has been replaced by a 3.6-liter V8 creating 513 horsepower, and the new engine is coupled to an Aisin AW electrical motor at the front, a Denso electric motor at the rear and a Nisshinbo super-capacitor that combine to kick out an further 473 hp, offering the method a mixed output of nearly 1,000 horsepower while consuming 25 % less fuel than final year’;s vehicle. It also provides the TS040 all-wheel drive to help channel all that electrical power to the street.

Toyota will discipline 2 TS040s in the WEC this season, with Alex Wurz, Stéphane Sarrazin and Kazuki Nakajima sharing car No. 6 and Anthony Davidson, Nicolas Lapierre and Sébastien Buemi in vehicle No. 7 Following 12 days of testing across Europe, the TS040 starts a 2-day test session at Paul Ricard right now ahead of producing its race debut at the Six Hrs of Silverstone in the Uk on April twenty. From there, the circus heads to Spa, Le Mans, Austin, Fuji, Shanghai, Bahrain and Sao Paulo. Verify out the new race in our substantial-res picture gallery over and the press release and pair of movies below for a closer look.

Mar. 27, 2014
New Era for Toyota Racing with TS040 Hybrid

Toyota Racing has right now revealed the TS040 Hybrid auto and revised driver line-up which will get it into the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship, and into a new era of hybrid motorsport.

With 480 PS of 4-wheel-drive hybrid improve in addition to the 520 PS 3.7 liter petrol engine, the TS040 Hybrid, launched these days at Paul Ricard, has a highest power of 1000 PS and represents the most advanced hybrid engineering in racing.

The move to a 4-wheel drive hybrid sees Toyota return to a notion which has been element of its racing hybrid advancement because 2007, when the 4-wheel drive Supra HV-R grew to become the very first hybrid to win an endurance race, the Tokachi 24 Hrs.

The new Toyota Hybrid Program – Racing powertrain has been designed especially for the revised WEC technical regulations, which place a distinct focus on fuel economic climate. A 25% reduction in fuel usage in contrast to 2013 is essential, with cost savings accomplished through powertrain, aerodynamics and driving fashion efficiencies.

A fuel movement metre will check fuel usage and penalties will be utilized in the race if the 3-lap common consumption exceeds defined limits. The fuel allowance is established by the level of hybrid capacity each and every staff commits to Toyota Racing has opted for 6 MJ of hybrid capacity per lap of Le Mans.

Working collectively with official partner Total, Toyota Racing’;s engineers have found more efficiencies and performance via the use of specialist Total lubricants.

The new, a lot more open laws have allowed Toyota Racing to apply a significant improve in hybrid energy, with an AISIN AW motor-generator on the front axle extra to compliment the DENSO unit on the rear.

Underneath deceleration, the motor-generators apply braking force in mixture with conventional mechanical brakes to harvest energy, which is transferred through inverter (AISIN AW at the front, DENSO at the rear) to the NISSHINBO super-capacitor. For the duration of acceleration, the motor/generator reverses its function, acting as a motor to provide a 480 PS power increase.

That 4-wheel-drive hybrid electrical power is allied to a typically-aspirated V8 engine, the 2 obtaining been created by Motorsports Unit Improvement Division at the Higashifuji technical centre, where up coming-generation Toyota road auto technologies is born.

Know-how from the TS030 Hybrid is already in use to increase Toyota’;s road automobile hybrids and the WEC’;s concentrate on road-related technological innovation is expected to see even more engineering transfer from track to road. Toyota has previously sold 6million hybrid street automobiles since the launch of the Prius in 1997.

The TS040 Hybrid chassis is designed, produced, manufactured, constructed and operated by Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) in Cologne. It represents a major evolution on the TS030 Hybrid and embraces regulation alterations which see greatest width reduced by 10 cm and a series of security things launched.

Particular attention has been paid to airflow about the vehicle, each to decrease drag in order to enhance fuel economic system and to boost downforce, and for that reason grip, amounts to compensate for tyres which are 5 cm narrower compared to 2013.

Comprehensive growth in TMG’;s state-of-the-ar2rk wind tunnels has resulted in an aerodynamically-effective design which is also amazingly light-weight thanks to advanced composite style and production processes

Intensive simulation and calculation function at TMG has refined the TS040 Hybrid, utilising hardware-in-the-loop technology to check personal components based mostly on true track information and effective calculation personal computers to optimise designs.

Such cutting-edge methods are drastically much more productive than track testing, allowing TMG engineers to proceed optimising all aspects of the TS040 Hybrid chassis and lay-out for longer than rivals relying on standard strategies.

A slight reshuffle of the driver line-up sees Alex Wurz, Stéphane Sarrazin and Kazuki Nakajima share the #7 auto while Anthony Davidson, Nicolas Lapierre and Sébastien Buemi are in the #7

The TS040 Hybrid manufactured its track debut at Paul Ricard on 21 January and has subsequently finished twelve days of testing across Europe, covering close to 18,000 km.

Soon after the 2-day Prologue check at Paul Ricard, which commences tomorrow, the crew plans 1 more session prior to the 6 Hrs of Silverstone when it will race manufacturer rivals Audi and Porsche for the initial time this year.

Yoshiaki Kinoshita, Team President: “We are quite much searching forward to our third season in the FIA Globe Endurance Championship when we will battle to obtain our dream of winning Le Mans and the Planet Championship. As nicely as tough new rules which make endurance racing the most street-related discipline in leading-degree motorsport, we also have a new competitor. We are searching forward to competing with Porsche, as effectively as our a lot more acquainted rivals Audi. As a team we learnt a whole lot in our first 2 seasons in WEC and all this know-how has gone into our new TS040 Hybrid, which is the most technologically-innovative Toyota ever to compete on the track. We contemplate it extremely essential that our racing programme contributes to Toyota’;s wider activities and I am quite proud that data, knowledge and technology pass routinely from our racing programme to our R&D colleagues, who are working to make excellent street vehicles of the future.”

Hisatake Murata, Common Manager, Motorsports Unit Advancement Division: “The Toyota Hybrid System – Racing has been drastically upgraded due to the challenge of new laws. The regulations require a large reduction in fuel consumption but, to stay competitive, we of program want to retain engine energy it is not a realistic choice to decrease consumption by minimizing power. We looked at various prospects but the most suitable answer for us was to increase the displacement of the engine to boost heat efficiency while upgrading the hybrid system. We deemed greater hybrid capability but settled on 6 MJ as anything higher, making use of kinetic energy recovery, had a negative result on lap time due to increased fat. To recover that volume of energy below braking, the rear motor-generator was not sufficient so we returned to the 4-wheel hybrid idea we created from 2007 to 2011, prior to the rules restricted hybrid increase to just one particular axle. With 100 PS we have achieved extremely amazing overall performance and kept the system inside of our weight targets. Now it’;s time to see what it can do towards the competition.”

Pascal Vasselon, Technical Director: “We started out the preliminary studies and simulations immediately when the ACO announced the initial components of the laws in mid-2012 and last season we devoted a whole lot of our obtainable sources to building the TS040 Hybrid. In terms of the aerodynamics and chassis idea, the TS040 Hybrid is a deep evolution of the TS030 Hybrid, taking into account the new dimensions as set by the regulations and implementing the lessons we learned in the final 2 years of WEC competition. New regulations always develop a challenge and the apparent problems for 2014 have been to change so a lot of items at the same time, with significant regulation modifications in terms of chassis and powertrain. The principal challenge has been to produce a a lot more complex vehicle with more hybrid hardware to accomplish larger hybrid electrical power and at the exact same time decrease significantly the fat due to a 45 kg reduction in minimum excess w7 That has been a true headache but using lightweight components and effective design and style optimisation processes, we have achieved our targets.”

Driver feedback previewing the TS040 Hybrid are issued in a separate press release which can also be identified on-line at, where translations of this, and all, press releases can be identified in French and German.

Copyright-free of charge studio and action pictures of the TS040 Hybrid are obtainable for editorial utilization in the media area of

Complete profiles of Toyota Racing’;s drivers, which includes career histories, are accessible right here:

2014 FIA Globe Endurance Championship Calendar:
20 April: Six Hours of Silverstone (GB)
3 Could: Six Hrs of Spa-Francorchamps (Bel)
14 June: Le Mans 24 Hrs (Fra)
20 September: 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas (USA)
12 October: 6 Hrs of Fuji (Jpn)
2 November: 6 Hours of Shanghai (Chi)
15 November: Six Hrs of Bahrain
30 November: 6 Hours of Sao Paulo (Bra)

About Toyota Racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship:
Toyota very first competed in the FIA Globe Endurance Championship (WEC) in 1983, marking the begin of a extended period of participation in endurance racing. Toyota vehicles have raced in 15 Le Mans 24 Hrs races, attaining a best consequence of second location on 4 events (1992, 1994, 1999 & 2013). Toyota entered the revived WEC in 2012, as Toyota Racing, with its very first hybrid LMP1 car, the TS030 Hybrid. That automobile competed for 2 seasons, winning 5 races. It was made and built by Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG), where the race crew is based. TMG is the former property of Toyota’;s Planet Rally and Formula 1 performs teams, and was accountable for layout and operation of Toyota’;s TS020 Le Mans car in 1998-99. TMG now combines motorsport participation with operate as a high-functionality engineering providers provider to third get together organizations, as properly as the Toyota loved ones.

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