Toyota-BMW sports activities vehicle to obtain all-wheel drive, supercapacitors?

Toyota FT-1 Concept 2014 BMW Z4Sales of salt are skyrocketing following the latest rumor of the planned joint-venture sports activities auto from Toyota and BMW. The whisperings indicate that undertaking will spawn both a replacement for the BMW Z4 and a extended-awaited Toyota Supra successor based on the FT-1 Idea proven above. Word is that the new vehicles will function front-engine, all-wheel-drive layouts with plug-in hybrid technologies. This information would seem to run somewhat counter to earlier reports that BMW and Toyota are teaming for a 6-figure hybrid supercar.

In accordance to Autocar, the project will benefit from the experience Toyota acquired with the TS030, its hybridized Le Mans prototype. The evidence for this is, of all issues, a Toyota Yaris – in specific, the Yaris Hybrid R that was proven at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Display last September. That car utilized a 300-horsepower, one.6-liter gas engine, whilst a pair of 60-horsepower electrical motors offered all-wheel-drive push (an additional motor also sent added juice to the front axle). The 414-technique-horsepower drivetrain utilized supercapacitors in spot of the conventional lithium-ion batteries of conventional hybrids.

For the production sports automobiles, Autocar claims that the Yaris Hybrid R’;s setup will serve as the basis for the new powertrain, even though it won’;t be a direct carryover. Rather, a 2.-liter BMW engine will be paired with Toyota-created, BMW-built motors.

Although Toyota will be responsible for producing the new auto go, BMW will handle the car’;s construction and physique. Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, high-power steel and aluminum will all play key roles in the development, according to AC, with a reduced curb bodyweight currently being a higher priority.

This all sounds rather far-fetched to us, largely because of the existence of the BMW i8. That vehicle currently generates 362 technique horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque from a plug-in drivetrain, and it also rewards from extensive use of CFRP and aluminum. Last but not least, the i8 retails for 6 figures. Constructing the Z4 replacement that Autocar describes and keeping it all around the current car’;s value simply isn’;t going to appear achievable. In addition to that, the idea of an all-wheel-drive Z4 sort of runs counter to what the Z4 is, an previous-school, cab-backwards rear-drive roadster.

Then again, this crazy business has amazed us prior to. What do you think? Does any of Autocar‘s theory on the BMW-Toyota partnership make sense to you? What type of car do you assume from the 2 companies? What would you hope to see in a Z4 replacement? Have your say in Remarks.

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