Tony Stewart to star in Smoke Is The Bandit world wide web series

Smoke is the Bandit

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is making great use of his nickname Smoke in new movies inspired by the 1970s traditional Smokey and the Bandit. The unique is one particular of the quintessential automotive films of its era with a wonderful mixture of slapstick comedy and wonderful automobile stunts in a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. If you have never witnessed it, examine it out quickly.

In the new 6-element Smoke IS the Bandit web series, Stewart will take on the position of Burt Reynolds’; popular character full with large mustache. But alternatively of making an attempt to smuggle instances of Coors beer it really is Mobil 1 oil. The series guarantees to recreate a lot of of the renowned scenes from the film and consists of cameos from other NASCAR drivers.

To comprehensive the seem, future movies just require a top quality replacement for a youthful Sally Discipline to trip shotgun. It would also be truly cool if Reynolds could make a short appearance at some level. Scroll down to verify out the trailer and the initial episode in the series.

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