Tiny Moonroofs Are So 2001


Check-driving the most recent cars on a weekly basis is generally wrought with highs and lows there are moments of being stunned and impressed as nicely as currently being totally disappointed and questioning “What had been they contemplating?” 1 of those standard disappointments lately is the tiny moonroofs that nonetheless seem to be hanging close to. They are just as sad as Vanilla Ice’;s new house improvement display on the DIY ne2rk.

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I drove the 2015 Volvo V60 just lately. Even though I normally loved the familiar feel of its trip good quality, I was baffled by how small the “standard-sized” moonroof looked. If Volvo can put a panoramic moonroof in the XC60, why not carry this attribute via to the V60? Panoramic moonroofs are indicative of modern automotive design and certainty not something that’;s a budget-buster. The Toyota Venza I drove recently had not only one but 2 little moonroofs, as if which is any greater.

I’;m not the only one bothered by this leftover attribute. A coworker not too long ago complained about the tiny moonroof in the Lexus RX 450h, griping, “I not only do not like modest sunroofs but also detest ones exactly where the opening is so far back from the windshield your head isn’;t going to even get significantly sun or wind. At least the panoramic ones give the cabin a better sense of openness, plus give light and [a] breeze to backseat passengers.”

Of program, there are contributing aspects to modest moonroofs in automobiles. Typically, autos may possibly have DVD enjoyment techniques that extend down from the roofline behind the front row of seats. This would prohibit a panoramic moonroof (although enjoyment screens on the back of the front head restraints would not only suffice, but also stop visibility concerns). 1 of my colleagues wondered if the added excess weight of the glass and its result on the center of gravity could also be a aspect.

When I asked Volvo about this, I was told that the size of the V60’;s moonroof is primarily based on the reality that the wagon is basically the very same design as the S60 midsize sedan from the front of the automobile to the rear seats, “so from a parts viewpoint, it tends to make sense to match it with the same sunroof as S60 considering that that is what that particular roof was created for. It truly is not due to weight problems.”

Nevertheless, other auto manufacturers with the agility to move rapidly ample to appeal to today’;s discerning consumers are managing to juggle all of these variables. Kia, for illustration, was ready to squeeze a panoramic moonroof into the 2014 Soul Plus with Primo Package deal, and Hyundai is offering it as an selection to just about any car it can — the Veloster, Azera and Santa Fe, for example.

Sit in the Azera’;s backseat for a trip down a tree-lined street and you as well might commence to see how much pleasure a panoramic roof can add even to mundane drives.

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