The Zebra Provides Insurance coverage in Black and White

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photo 2 (1) The word “disrupt” has turn out to be a begin-up buzzword, but The Zebra COO and cofounder Joshua Dziabiak says it’s overused, and he’s not always offered when he hears it. “I don’t know if I ever really acquire most of it,” he explains. But when Dziabiak, presently the effective founder and CEO of ShowClix, noticed Adam Lyons give the pitch for The Zebra, he was convinced. The venture, a digital car insurance agency that lets buyers evaluate unbiased estimates in actual time from much more than 200 carriers, could do far more than disrupt the insurance organization: It could turn it on its head.

“The industry is ripe for a contemporary tool like The Zebra,” Dziabiak says. The mechanics are straightforward enough. The Zebra makes use of state insurance coverage filing information to replicate insurance coverage business versions and estimate rates within a couple of bucks accuracy. “We have been able to do something no 1 else has carried out prior to, by combining all of the various businesses on one particular platform,” explains Adam Lyons, co-founder and CEO of the Austin-primarily based company. The consequence is anything new, too: transparency in the insurance business.

Lyons and Dziabiak are both young, and the East Austin warehouse where The Zebra does its work boasts a mural on one wall and a buzzing energy that is far from corporate. Though they are marketing insurance coverage, which Dziabiak and Lyons say is a “stodgy, outdated, previous income enterprise,” The Zebra would like to inject a new set of descriptors to the conversation. “We want to throw ‘sexy’ into that,” Dziabiak says. “We want to throw ‘rebel,’ and ‘easy.’”

They clarify that in 2014, customers now count on to be able to make informed choices about their purchases on-line, even from their phones. Sites like Kayak make this attainable for air travel, but the insurance coverage industry was missing an equivalent. Sites that claimed to, Lyons says, only compared a number of, and even now required shoppers to fill out comprehensive questionnaires and offer speak to data. “What takes place is you get completed, [the website] just says an individual will speak to you shortly,” Lyons says. “Then your cellphone gets blown up, your inbox will get flooded, and you by no means received anything.” As for firms like Geico? “Companies spend hundreds of hundreds of thousands of bucks marketing and advertising and saying you can go to their site and conserve, but that is the equivalent of going immediately to American Airlines and asking them to find you the very best fare,” Lyons says.

unnamed-1 The business has caught early focus from massive identify investors, such as Mark Cuban, Austin’s Silverton Partners, and Simon Nixon, Uk tech entrepreneur and proprietor of juggernaut comparison web site In Austin because last yr, The Zebra held its national launch party in December of 2013. They are now licensed in all 50 states—and D.C., too. Morgan Flager, Partner at Silverton Partners, says the ambition of The Zebra’s vision is component of what drew him to the firm. “This is the organization the place, if they are effective, it is going to place Austin on the map,” Flager says. “It would grow to be a buyer Web town as effectively, and that would be rather exciting.”

Early returns seem very good for The Zebra. Making use of the web site, customer Chiko Barnabas Abengowe, who owns Perfect Staffing Remedies in Austin, identified that he was overpaying on his car insurance by practically $ 80. “I really like it,” Abengowe says. “I enjoy that it is smooth, it’s effortless, and I just like how it has the complete breakdown and compares other insurance proper on there.” Abengowe adds that usually workers will ask his firm for automobile insurance suggestions, and that he wouldn’t hesitate to send them to The Zebra. “I’ll absolutely mention it if they’re looking,” he says.

With site site visitors increasing, The Zebra is expanding, employing insurance agents, a project manager, and software program engineers. Uncover a lot more at

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