The 20 Most affordable Vehicles to Insure — You&#39ll Be Shocked Which Brand Dominates the Record

There are a great deal of items that run by means of a consumer’;s mind when acquiring a vehicle. Just lately we have gone above some of those varying factors, which includes car security, resale value, and fuel efficiency. Today, however, we’;re going to turn our attention to one more factor of the vehicle-getting method that directly has an effect on our pocketbooks: car insurance.

I never know about you, but even saying “car insurance” can make me cringe. We are legally necessary to have car insurance if we drive in the U.S., but I cannot feel of numerous drivers who are willingly satisfied to pay out car insurance premiums.

What’;s really fascinating about auto insurance coverage is that charges on one particular vehicle can significantly fluctuate from rates on a equivalent vehicles for a amount of causes. Obviously a person’;s age, gender, and driving record can impact car insurance prices, but other aspects this kind of as a vehicle’;s propensity to be stolen or driven aggressively come into perform as well.

“Why should I care about car insurance costs,” you inquire? Due to the fact decrease prices could suggest more disposable income in your pocket, which you can use to obtain other items or invest in your future! Cars that garner reduce insurance coverage rates also have the potential to be targeted a lot more by buyers on a price range or households, because they’;re usually deemed to be safer.

The 20 cheapest vehicles to insure
Fortunately for us, research web site understands this all as well well and has as soon as again compiled its annual ranking of the most and least high-priced cars to insure for 2014.’;s evaluation covers a lot more than 850 versions, so there is no cherry-choosing right here, and it averages yearly insurance prices across 6 national insurance carriers using 10 ZIP codes per state.

Given that I would venture a guess that the majority of you would favor to conserve money on your auto insurance, let’;s have a closer look at’;s 20 least expensive autos to insure for 2014 and see what brands stood at the head of the class. The genuine shock is in what car brand definitely dominated this checklist.

Right here are’;s twenty most affordable cars to insure in 2014:


Jeep dominates!
So how many of you out there guessed that Jeep would claim the prime spot and 7 of the top 20 spots for least pricey typical annual auto insurance prices?

2014 Jeep Wrangler Source: Chrysler Group.

On the surface you’;d count on Jeep, which is owned by Chrysler Group and is itself a subsidiary of Fiat (NASDAQOTH: FIATY  ) , to be this rugged adventurer’;s car that would command reasonable to substantial insurance costs since of the prospect of injury from currently being taken off-street. In reality, most Jeep ads demonstrate their automobiles getting taken off-road, and it truly is 1 of the major reasons the Wrangler at present sits at No. 3 on the listing of autos with the ideal resale worth soon after 5 years. Even so, as the 2 senior auto analyst Karl Brauer of Kelley Blue Guide and auto editor of Mark Takahashi told Insure, Jeep’;s have been turned into some thing of a household automobile. Brauer notes especially that Jeeps tend to be driven by “single or married girls under age 45, who show prudent driving habits.” 

Making the case additional for Jeep, it also ranks as a brand that’;s usually under the radar for thieves. In truth, in accordance to data from the Highway Data Loss Institute last 12 months, the Jeep Compass ranks amid the leading 10 least-stolen vehicles in America, with just .5 thefts per 1,000 cars insured.

Last but not least, as Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor of, advised, the basic reality that SUVs have a increased base than sedans usually indicates less harm in a collision. Getting less complicated to resolve and having much less damage is music to an insurance company’;s ears. What it implies for Jeep and in the end Fiat is the chance of employing its low auto insurance costs to appeal to households and female drivers in an effort to probably improve product sales.

Honda can make a powerful bid for cost-aware shoppers
But it was not just Jeep cleaning up. Honda Motor (NYSE: HMC  ) also had a respectable displaying, with 4 vehicles in the prime twenty. With the exception of the Subaru Outback 2.5i, the Honda Accord Sport was the only other sedan to edge its way onto a list dominated by SUVs and minivans. Honda had 2 minivans with its Odyssey EX and LX, as nicely as its smaller SUV the CR-V LX.

There had been a quantity of variables that assisted push Honda toward the prime of this list. 1st, minivans are not purchased for racing your greatest good friend down the highway — they’;re a household car, and statistically speaking, mothers and fathers hauling close to their children have a tendency to drive a bit safer. Plainly, Honda is carrying out something proper in this market place, as Odyssey revenue have improved by virtually 29% since 2009.

2014 Honda CR-V, Source: Honda Motor.

Secondly, Honda’;s CR-V ranked also ranked among the leading 10 least-stolen autos by the Highway Information Reduction Institute, pushing it up the record of cheapest cars to insure. In contrast with the Odyssey, income of the CR-V (all versions) have taken off like a rocket considering that the recession, moving from 191,214 units in 2009 to nearly 304,000 final year.  

Lastly, you have the economic and expense-conscious nature of the regular Honda purchaser. Most buyers are looking for a dependable and safe motor vehicle that will get them from stage A to B for a affordable price tag and nothing much more. Searching at this from the standpoint of an automobile insurer, there just isn’;t a good deal of chance constructed into Honda’;s product line, and its less costly insurance charges for the aforementioned 4 models undoubtedly adds reasoning for buyers to gravitate toward the brand.

No Dodge-ing this
The only other automobile brand to seem far more than when on the list of cheapest cars to insure was Dodge, which is also below the Chrysler Group and Fiat umbrella.

The 2 Dodge cars featured on the record are its Grand Caravan SE minivan and its Journey SE, which is a midsized crossover. Equivalent to the Odyssey from Honda, the Grand Caravan works its way onto the listing since it truly is a car obtained by families unlikely to drive it recklessly. You may observe that the expanding trend amongst car insurers is they are loving minivans and little SUVs due to the fact, in general, families and accountable individuals appear to be getting them.

2014 Dodge Journey, Source: Chrysler Group.

For the Dodge Journey SE, it has a whole lot to do with its low theft costs, which after again rank amid the lowest 10 in the country at just .4 thefts per 1,000 automobiles insured. Even so, just because the Journey ranks lower on thieves’; radars does not imply its revenue aren’;t climbing. Its mixed North America sales (all versions, not just the SE, regarded) have jumped from approximately 59,000 units in 2008, when it was entirely introduced, to much more than 110,000 units last 12 months.

Accomplishment at Dodge is going to be crucial to Chrysler Group’;s ongoing turnaround, and the regular improvement in sales of the Journey is a great signal.

How the makers stacked up
In complete, Fiat and Chrysler Group absolutely cleaned up when it comes to enticing the value-aware client with 10 of the top twenty spots (7 from Jeep, 2 from Dodge, and 1 from Chrysler). I would be shocked if it wasn’;t able to capitalize on this dominance to assist drive revenue with price-savvy shoppers. The very same can also be stated for Honda, which builds on its reliance and sturdiness with very minimal insurance coverage costs for some of its autos.

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