Telematics method aids thwart fraudulent £20k motor insurance claim

Telematics technology has played a crucial function in helping motor fraud investigators, Asset Protection Unit (APU) stymie a false personal injury claim.

The declare – amounting to about £20,000 – referred to an alleged car accident in Liverpool and was filed with Aviva insurance coverage after 3 claimants reported that 2 autos had been in collision.

1 of the cars was fitted with a telematics program that helped APU determine that the vehicle was, in fact, more than 2 miles away from the place the alleged accident was said to have occurred.

The 3 claimants have because ceased to seek out compensation for the incident and have been additional to APU’s fraud database as nicely as insurers’ fraud detection programs.

Neil Thomas, director of investigative solutions at APU, mentioned: ‘In buy for insurance firms to carry on to offer cost-effective insurance, it is paramount that criminals who try to falsely claim be stopped. These acts are detrimental to innocent folks, who finish up paying a lot more for car insurance or suffer delays to genuine claims.’ 

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