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Wall Street Is Operating Out Of Approaches To Make Straightforward Money Off Corporate Tax Loopholes

When U.S. authorities shut the door on inversion deals that let domestic companies buy their way into jurisdictions with low tax rates, it left a window for savvy investors to continue capturing tax savings. The move sent Wall Street searching for foreign-domiciled firms, many with primary operations in the U.S., that could use their favorable tax standing as a major asset when buying up competitors.

Ford’s straightforward suit makes you come to feel like a drunk driver

Ford Driving Skills for Life

We have all heard about the dangers of drunk driving for practically our whole lives. No matter whether it truly is from PSAs on Television or lectures in college, no 1 can declare ignorance of drunk driving becoming really hazardous. Even so, that does not stop some folks from even now performing it. Ford is attempting to take the safety message straight to younger drivers with a unique suit that allows them to simulate driving under the influence.