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Luxury titans: A situation of also significantly selection?

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Luxury titans: A case of as well a lot range?

Automakers are rapidly widening their lineups to fill in every feasible niche, with German luxury-makers BMW and Mercedes-Benz leading the way. But they say flexible platforms and premium pricing make the new variants rewarding.

Price minimize boosts Dodge Viper income significantly

2015 Dodge Viper

It may possibly go without saying that slashing the value on a new auto – specifically 1 this enticing – would only serve to boost income. But in situation you required tough proof, look no further than the Dodge Viper.

2015 Mustang-based mostly Saleen S302 to boast as significantly as 640 hp

2015 Saleen S302 Mustang

2015 Saleen S302 MustangThe Ford Mustang is clearly a famous performance vehicle in its very own proper, but it frequently performs even much better as a platform for the aftermarket to upgrade. With the all-new 2015 model just now hitting the scene, the popular tuners at Saleen are getting their enhancements for the new pony auto ready for the planet. Soon after recently teasing it, the specs for its fresh S302 model are officially here, along with a very first appear at it in profile.

Nissan IDX manufacturing model to get sharper, significantly less retro styling

Nissan IDx Concept

The Nissan IDx appears like the sort of concept that car fanatics wish they could be driving. With a compact dimension, type inspired by the traditional Datsun 510 and a rear-wheel-drive powertrain, it certainly ticks numerous of the boxes that folks want. Unfortunately, the auto would seem to be miles away from actually obtaining a green light for manufacturing, but rumors about the retro coupe’s future keep cropping up.

Intelligent highlights safety of new Fortwo by crashing into significantly greater brother

Smart ForTwo versus S-Class crash test

Wise is just obtaining prepared to launch its new Fortwo and Forfour minicars, riding on a totally diverse platform, and the diminutive brand wants to demonstrate that its most current creations can stand up to some significant abuse. For such a small auto, the crashworthiness of the Smarts is a reputable concern when taking on more substantial, heavier cars. To prove their survivability, the organization filmed a head-on collision pitting the newest Fortwo towards a Mercedes-Benz S-Class weighing far more than twice as significantly.

Bundling property and automobile: Just how significantly does it save?

A single of independent agents’ principal responsibilities is to conserve customers funds, and bundling home owners and car insurance is one of the most well-liked possibilities. Nevertheless, bundling typically signifies looking for insurance policies from the exact same carrier.

Although bundling generally yields at least some cost savings, that financial savings differs state to state, in accordance to a new study from insuranceQuotes.com. The typical savings for combining auto and condo insurance coverage is 11%, although buyers who bundle vehicle and renter’s insurance acquire an common price reduction of 8%.

GM&#x27s Real Issue: Too Numerous Meetings, Also Significantly Nodding

At 325 pages, the Basic Motors (GM) report on its recall disaster reads a lot more like the script of Office Room than some corporate thriller. The company’s fatal ignition switch issues weren’t stored secret by conniving executives bent on conserving funds, in accordance to the third-party probe launched Thursday. Engineers knew the switches have been faulty from the begin, and GM’s merchandise-testing individuals replicated the problem time and once more. Journalists wrote about it, police filed accident reports, and GM attorneys mulled the implication as far back as 2006.