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Report: VW Chattanooga plant extremely close to UAW representation

Volkswagen Union

Following months of fighting from each sides, it looks like the Volkswagen factory in Chattanooga, TN, may unionize below the United Auto Workers right after all. In accordance to a letter acquired by The Related Press, VW and the UAW reportedly struck a deal last spring in which the union agreed to stop its challenge of the organization vote with the National Labor Relations Board to aid clear the way for the CrossBlue to be developed in Tennessee. In exchange, the automaker would acknowledge the UAW at the plant. Leaders of the Neighborhood 42 at the facility reportedly signed the letter.

Report: VW’s Chattanooga plant to vote on UAW representation up coming week

Volkswagen Chattanooga factory

Right after many years of failure in unionizing auto factories owned by foreign carmakers, the United Automobile Workers may possibly be poised for its very first main victory. Volkswagen workers at the company’s assembly plant in Chattanooga, TN, will vote in a secret ballot sometime in between February twelve and 14 on whether to type a German-design operates council with the UAW, in accordance to a statement from VW in The Detroit News. It is at present the only Volkswagen plant globally that is not represented by a union.