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California opens investigation into Tesla factory’s safety conditions

The story also took Chief Executive Elon Musk to task for allegedly telling safety officials he didn’t like the color yellow, which is why equipment and pedestrian lanes are marked with gray stripes, not yellow. (Tesla pointed out that although the floor markings are gray, yellow signs, guardrails, and posts appear throughout the plant.)

NTSB kicks Tesla off Design X accident investigation just for blabbing details

“If 1 party disseminates information about the particular accident, it might reflect that will party’s prejudice, ” Captain christopher Hart, who have then was your NTSB performing chairman, stated at the time. “This puts another parties in a disadvantage plus makes them much less willing to participate in the process, which could undercut the whole investigation. inch


German born prosecutors broaden Volkswagen emissions-cheating investigation

Prosecutors in Philippines are growing their übung into Volkswagen’s scandal more than diesel vehicles that scammed on exhausts tests, raising the number of potential foods and stating they have proof former Vw Chief Executive Matn Winterkorn might have known from the cheating sooner than he has stated.

Are newer guardrails creating roads less risk-free? Federal investigation pending

Bus Crash Maryland

As if its title isn’t going to make it clear, the total function of a guardrail is to avoid autos from leaving a roadway and veering into possibly even much more hazardous territory. Even so, at least one variety of guardrail might not be performing its occupation, in accordance to a latest research. Federal officials are supporting additional research to find out if the units are as protected in the actual planet as they are in crash exams.

Chrysler minivans beneath investigation for stalling right after fuel refill

2007 Dodge Grand Caravan

In accordance to the Nationwide Highway Targeted traffic Safety Administration, at least one particular man has reported that his 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan stalled unexpectedly on the highway shortly right after currently being refueled. The unidentified guy who contacted NHTSA relating to the problem cited as many as eight similar situations reported by other drivers.