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Nationwide Guard ends controversial NASCAR, IndyCar sponsorships

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The US Nationwide Guard has invested $ 44 million on sponsorships in NASCAR and IndyCar this yr, a specifically troubling figure in a time when every military expenditure is provided careful scrutiny. That is prompted some members of Congress to query the usefulness of the motorsports partnerships.

Autoblog readers come clean with their very own controversial automotive beliefs

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Last week, the editors right here at Autoblog sounded off with their unpopular automotive opinions, voicing the controversial sentiments for which we usually catch flak from other enthusiasts upon expression. Along with our personal, we invited the Autoblog faithful to share their unpopular opinions. We were thrilled to see how several of you shared your very own opinions – almost 400 of you weighed in with thoughts of your personal at final count.

Autoblog editors come clean about their controversial automotive beliefs

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We all have controversial opinions. Be it whether you feel the Nissan Juke is actually pretty desirable, guide transmissions aren’t usually much better, or you honestly didn’t detest the Pontiac Aztek, we all harbor some persuasion, be it big or modest, for which we catch copious flak on expression.