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How did Nissan tweet a response to the Royal Baby announcement so quickly?

A mere 7 minutes following the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced they have been pregnant with their 2nd youngster, Nissan had the excellent post circulating on the Twittersphere. How did Nissan know to count on Kate and William had been expecting? By paying out interest to the Internet zeitgeist.

Hyundai admits ‘error’ in KDM Sonata fuel economy announcement

2014 Hyundai Sonata

Cease us if you’ve heard this one ahead of: Hyundai is going to have to minimize the officially announced miles-per-gallon quantity for its 2014 Sonata. Whilst there’s a good deal of similarity in between this new predicament and events that transpired in 2012, there are some critical distinctions. For 1, the new mileage error, which Hyundai says was after yet again caused by an error at its test centers, is only applicable to vehicles in the Korean Domestic Market place. Secondly, it truly is not so significantly mpg as kilometers per liter.

Rumormill: Audi, Google readying infotainment partnership announcement for CES?

2013 Audi RS5

The merging of our sensible phones and automotive infotainment programs may possibly be about to get an even greater enhance, if a report from Forbes is to be believed. The business publication is reporting that Google and Audi might announce a partnership at next week’s Consumer Electronics Display in Las Vegas that would see Google’s Android OS taking management of Audi’s MMI infotainment technique.