Supercars unleashed in Qatar: Peek in on the Middle East’s automotive scene

Peek in on the Middle East’;s automotive scene

By: Brad Wiley on 3/21/2014

With an ensemble of acoustically harmonious supercars roaring, the scene seeking fresh out “Need for Velocity,” this annual gathering is basically remarkable with all of the exotic rides preening in every single colour of the spectrum.

The 2014 European Supercar Gathering took location on March 14 in Qatar and showcased some of the finest specimens from an array of brand names.

Naming all the automobiles really worth naming would make us winded, but here is just a taste of what was spotted in the clip. There were a few McLaren 12Cs, Ferrari 458s, a Lamborghini MurcielagoSV, Mercedes-Benz SLS and even a sweet Techart Porsche 911. The quickly-paced, heart-pounding video was brought to you by the folks over at dlightswitch, and thanks to Globe Car Followers for finding it.

Check out the video over and click through our reviews of the rest of the supercars to find out which ones we liked greatest.

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