Subaru WRX STI might finally get power bump for 2019

Since it arrived in the US, the Subaru WRX STI has hovered around 300 horsepower. That was world-class in the early 2000s, but the 2018 model’;s 2. 5-liter turbocharged boxer-4 305 horsepower output is no longer something to write home about. This week, The Truth About Cars reported that the hottest Impreza might get yet another slight bump. A NHTSA document lists the 2019 model at all of 310 horsepower, exactly the same output because the limited-run WRX STI Type RA.

If you thought the 50 dollars, 000 Type RA was not worth the excess cash, at the very least the standard model will get the 5 horsepower bump now, too. That’;s more than the 292 horsepower Volkswagen Golf R or the 306 horsepower Honda Civic Type R, but it’;s way off the 350 horsepower output of the Ford Focus RS. According to the NHTSA filing, there is no power increase mentioned for the non-STI Subaru WRX.

We’;re hoping the next generation WRX STI will finally shed the old EJ-series boxer-4 and only a more modern and more powerful engine. The typical Impreza was updated in 2016, and the performance variants frequently follow a couple of years later. Cross your fingers that a new version of the WRX wagon occurs, too.

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