Sit Remain Ride documentary filmmakers want you to throw them a bone

Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs

Motorbike sidecars are a relatively unusual sight on American roads, sad as it might be. What’;s rarer is canines in motorcycle sidecars. Yes, it would seem that when we get our 4-legged close friends on the street, they are tucked safely into their cages or strapped into some convoluted doggy harness. But some intrepid motorcyclists are combining their really like of the open road with their love of their dogs, and a pair of independent filmmakers are documenting the entire factor.

Sit Remain Ride: The Story of America’;s Sidecar Canines is the venture of Eric Ristau and Geneva Liimatta, a husband-and-wife movie staff that is aiming to travel across the nation and document riders that enjoy bringing their canines along for the ride. Employing a set of “doggles” (doggy goggles), the canines ride shotgun in the sidecar. Consider of it as this, only with motorcycles.

“Seeing a dog in a sidecar brings a smile to everyone’;s encounter,” said Liimatta. “Our film explores the partnership between sidecar canines and their motorcycle-riding humans. The canines and people we’;ve met although shooting this undertaking are amazing characters. You are going to adore them all.”

The movie is presently working a Kickstarter campaign to increase money for manufacturing costs, uncover various topics for the film and assist promote animal welfare organizations.

“Numerous of the dogs featured in this movie have been adopted from the Humane Society and other extraordinary organizations,” explained Ristau. “This is an crucial message we’;re striving to send. We want folks to adopt dogs and other animals, and also to help agencies that discover homes for these pets.”

We have incorporated the Kickstarter video from the pair, which information the venture, as nicely as an official press release. Take a appear below for the 2 of people issues, and then head over to the donation webpage and chip in.

Last but not least, A Film About Motorcyclists Who Trip With Their Canines
Sit Keep Ride is a heart-warming documentary about motorbike riders who travel with their 4-legged buddies.

MISSOULA, Mont., March 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The newest venture by veteran indie filmmakers Eric Ristau and Geneva Liimatta is an upbeat documentary that also focuses on a worthwhile lead to. Ok, the subject matter is a little bit out of the ordinary – but who cares?

This husband-and-wife group from Missoula, Mont., is placing collectively a film about motorcyclists who deliver their canines along for the trip. No, these simple-riding pups do not sit on the seat, clasping their owner’;s midsection. They trip in sidecars and dress in specially designed canine goggles (called “doggles”). Fittingly the movie is entitled Sit Remain Ride: The Story of America’;s Sidecar Canines.

“Seeing a dog in a sidecar brings a smile to everyone’;s face,” says Liimatta. “Our movie explores the romantic relationship in between sidecar canines and their motorcycle-riding humans. The dogs and people we have met while shooting this task are wonderful characters. You are going to really like them all.”

So far, footage for Sit Remain Trip has been shot in Washington, California and Montana. “We’;ve found other amazing sidecar canines in other elements of the nation,” Ristau says. “We really want to incorporate them in the film.”

Traveling about the country to create a movie is an costly proposition, however. Ristau and Liimatta have a budget of $ 28,000 for travel, a soundtrack, sound combine, colour correction, DVD manufacturing, distribution and promotion.

In buy to defray these expenses, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign, encouraging dog-lovers, motorcyclists and any person else to support manufacturing of the film. As a result far, about $ 10,000 has been raised. Data about their Kickstarter campaign, which includes sample clips from the movie, can be viewed at

The Kickstarter campaign has 3 distinct goals:

Aid fund manufacturing of the movie
Solicit extra subjects for the movie
Advertise animal welfare organizations
“A lot of of the canines featured in this movie were adopted from the Humane Society and other outstanding organizations,” factors out Ristau. “This is an essential message we’;re trying to send. We want individuals to adopt dogs and other animals, and also to assistance companies that discover houses for these pets.”

Anybody interested in appearing in Sit Remain Ride can speak to Ristau and Liimatta through their Kickstarter webpage.

Dependent on their donation level, Kickstarter contributors will get thank-you gifts that contain behind-the-scenes images, bumper stickers, on-line previews of the film, DVDs, T-shirts and viewing events.

“It really is a wonderful story,” says Ristau. “The film shows how dogs and their owners came to trip together, the adventures they have and how they connect with the greater local community when they’;re out on the street.”

For further information, check out or contact Ristau at Email.

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