Single female driver? It pays to dwell right here

Scranton residents usually pay the 2nd cheapest car insurance among drivers in Pennsylvania’s 5 biggest cities, unless you are a single female age 30. Then your paying out the least expensive.

The truth that insurance coverage is considerably less for single ladies than for single males is an anomaly amid the 5 cities.

“If you’re analyzing by demographic in each city, you will see that in most circumstances and all things being equal, the younger the driver the more high-priced his or her insurance coverage,” a quick report on the group’s site,, mentioned.

“It’s no various in Pennsylvania. Single thirty-year-olds were the priciest demographic we looked at, with females ($ one,321 per yr) getting somewhat far more expensive than their male counterparts ($ one,302), though the opposite was accurate in Scranton, in which females saved nearly $ 100 annually versus men of the same age,” according to the internet site.

Particularly, the group “analyzed car insurance rates across a number of aspects including driver profile, city and automobile insurance coverage company,” checking rates from multiple companies for 4 driver profiles: single male age 30, single female age thirty, married couple age 40 and married couple age 65. The objective was “to give drivers an notion of the greatest automobile rates in the state.”

Some findings from the information:

• Average insurance coverage price usually rises with city population, specifically for single ladies. With 75,809 people, Scranton had the lowest population and amongst the lowest rates in all 4 classes. For single girls age thirty, insurance coverage in Allentown was 16.6 % larger. In Pittsburgh, it was 19.9 % higher. and in Philadelphia it was 69.3 percent increased.

• The exception to the 1st finding: Despite getting approximately 26,000 much more individuals than Scranton, Erie residents have a tendency to spend less for insurance coverage, generally by about $ 20 in every single of the 4 classes.

• Financial savings grow substantially with age and marital standing. A married couple age 40 spends an regular of 10.9 % significantly less than a single female age thirty in Scranton. A couple age 65 spend twenty.8 % significantly less than their forty-year-previous counterparts.

• In Philadelphia and Allentown, a single female age thirty pays a great bit more than her male counterpart, $ 115 and $ 83 a lot more respectively. In Pittsburgh and Allentown, the averages differ by only $ 1, with the girl benefiting. But in Scranton, the woman pays an regular of $ 96 significantly less than the guy.

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