Seinfeld spoof Pedestrians In Bars Consuming Toffee provides dead-on imitation

Pedestrians in Bars Eating Toffee

If imitation is the sincerest kind of flattery, then Jerry Seinfeld ought to really feel rather charmed proper now. A new video series is taking his Comedians in Vehicles Obtaining Coffee shorts and turning up the snark by retooling it as Pedestrians in Bars Consuming Toffee. Rather of Seinfeld meeting a buddy in a classic car, the host talks to a pal about their preferred strolls about New York. No autos, no coffee, just a 2 guys talking about walking.

The parody nails all of the beats of the CiCGC movies from the music to the shot choice and editing, but it doesn’;t carry as considerably of the humor. Scroll down and give this parody a shot, and allow us know what you feel in Remarks. If absolutely nothing else, it helps make us appear forward to Seinfeld’;s next season of videos.

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