See: The Brodozers of Babylon (aka SEMA)


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As well as the powers that will be, the ones from horsepower along with torque plus yea actually unto the ones from ground clearance plus suspension connection, did look down on the Earth plus saw there were a lot of small plus practical cars and yes, too many of the particular crossover, actually those with the 3rd row; and so they did state: “Build thee a animal of the World that doth crush plus smite all of that shall are available in its route, and color thee thy undercarriage and everything the components therein in tones of powder-coated fluorescent, that will thine foes shall view the detail because they are being affected under thy might; plus paint thee thy tires in fruit, bright orange colored that we could see from the heavens; and move forth amongst my individuals blasting thee thy awful bass through thy Rockford Fosgates plus tweaking thee thy trebles unto the particular heavens. Amen. ”

As well as the people, especially the Bros, did perform just that. And so they brought these to the SEMA. And there is much celebrating among the SEMAtites. Particularly at the Friday night time at the end of time of the SEMA, in the Area of the Individuals of Las vegas who realize not the particular math, plus thereon do the enormous and awful hordes move from the door of the Main Hall from the LVCC plus unto the particular streets, as well as the multitudes do throng, plus did weep out, “Rev thou thy engine! Turn thou thy bass! ” and the Bros hath succeeded in doing so, and the individuals rejoiced on to the heavens. And all noticed that it was great. And the Bros did follow. Amen.

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