Scuderia Ferrari displaces family members of missing passengers at Malaysian hotel

Ferrari at Malaysian Grand Prix

The action and glamor of a Formula 1 race coming to town is typically far more than sufficient to shine an international spotlight on a host country, but Malaysia has produced headlines not too long ago for an additional explanation entirely. That, of course, would be the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. But with the 2 occasions coming collectively, something’;s going to have to give, and unfortunately in this situation, it really is the grieving families of the flight’;s passengers.

The clash came to a head when the Scuderia Ferrari came to town to set up for up coming weekend’;s race. Staff members have been booked to keep at the Cyberview Hotel in the capital of Kuala Lumpur, arrangements which F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone points out were most likely to have been created extended ago. The trouble is that more than a dozen family members of MH370 passengers who had come in from China had been even now staying at that hotel whilst awaiting word on their loved ones’; fates, and with the hotel apparently filling up quickly ahead of the grand prix weekend, people family members have been forced to leave.

Just where they’;ve gone, we never know, but while the improvement may possibly not search great for Ferrari or for F1, it strikes us as one of people unfortunate conditions in which no one is really to blame. The race has been booked for months, the staff likely manufactured their reservations extended just before the flight went missing, the hotel is obliged to honor the reservations and the grieving households want somewhere to remain. The tendency to stage fingers usually prevails, but in this circumstance we’;re afraid no 1 is to blame but the circumstances. That, and the nonetheless as-however unknown lead to of the flight’;s mysterious disappearance.

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