Santa Clarita Automobile Insurance coverage Prices Analyzed In Latest Examine

Santa Clarita residents pay more for car insurance annually than the state average, according to a current research by customer finance internet site

A latest review released by the buyer finance internet site has determined that Santa Clarita residents pay out more than the state average for fundamental car insurance.

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Santa Clarita residents pay out about 14 percent above the state typical for basic liability coverage, and Canyon Nation residents–analyzed separately because of separate ZIP codes–shell out about 18 % over the common.

The ZIP codes utilized in the examine for Santa Clarita and Canyon Nation have been 91350 and 91351, respectively, stated Ting Pen, an worker of ValuePenguin and author of the study.

This comes to an yearly value of about $ one,294 for single drivers in Santa Clarita and $ one,212 for married drivers, according to the research.

In Canyon Nation, resists spend an annual typical of $ one,330 for single motorists and $ 1,258 for married motorists.

There are a lot of elements that go into identifying car insurance fees, which includes geography or place, the type of automobile and the proprietor of the vehicle, Pen mentioned.

Area is the most critical of those aspects, Pen explained, since insurance coverage companies base prices on the frequency of claims submitted and the crime prices in a specific region.

The worth of a car, the safety features it offers and how frequently the motorist drives it also contribute to insurance fees.

Within the examine sample, Glendale had the highest charges of bodily injury and uninsured-underinsured motorists, in addition to the highest claims quantities involving uninsured or underinsured motorists.

The age, marital status and driving record of the proprietor play a part, as properly.

For example, “if you are married, insurers tend to view married couples as far more steady and safer drivers,” Pen explained.

It all boils down to how accident or theft prone a car is.

Pen’s research analyzes average standard liability coverage expenses for both single and married drivers, driving recent common vehicles like the 2012 Toyota Camry, 2012 Honda CR-V or 2012 Mercedes-Benz C300.

The info comes primarily from a survey of California insurance firms accomplished yearly by the state Division of Insurance coverage, Pen said.

Glendale was reported as possessing the highest automobile insurance costs in the state, at 62 percent over regular, and Calexico had the lowest costs–23 percent beneath typical.

Residents of the city of Los Angeles shell out about 44 % over the state regular.

Pen commented on the discrepancy between expenses in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles.

“One of the principal factors that Los Angeles prices are so high is that they have such a high rate of claims frequency…” she stated. “Santa Clarita falls into a much lower frequency band. The charges there are half to a quarter of the claims frequency charges of what you could see in Los Angeles.”

For the full research, such as the leading 5 most pricey and least costly cities in California, click here.

The California study is component of a 50-element series on car insurance expenses across the nation.

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