Report: BBC poised to open Top Gear contract extension talks

Top Gear Hosts

We want more Top Gear. You want more Top Gear. It’;s safe to say the BBC wants more Top Gear, considering the massive worldwide audience the show delivers. But do its 3 hosts? We’;re hoping the answer is “yes,” as talks kick off between the ne2rk and the show’;s hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

TG’;s executive producer, Andy Wilman, confirmed that talks were about to start for another 3-year contract for the wildly popular show during the Talking TV podcast for the UK’;s Broadcast.

“Every deal that’;s done is done with the notion that the show will be on the floor, scraping the barrel…by the time the 3 years is up. There’;s clearly an appetite, it’;s still there. So, we’;ll start talking soon,” Wilman said.

The current deal between Clarkson, Hammond and May is set to expire in 2015. According to Wilman, there’;s no “end-game plan” and no one at the BBC has told them to “bugger off.” Although we doubt anyone at the world’;s largest ne2rk would tell the 3 hosts to get lost – the Beeb’;s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, nets all the (very large) profits from the TG name and properties, while the show is also set to spearhead a new male-oriented BBC ne2rk.

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