Renault on best of Melbourne Formula One particular issue as Sepang challenge awaits: Engine maker says it has technical problem underneath handle

Engine maker says it has technical issue underneath handle

By: Adam Cooper on March 25, 2014

Renault says it has its engine issues figured out.

LAT PHOTOGRAPHIC – Kamui Kobayashi slides into the gravel during the Australian Grand Prix. He was a single of the 5 Renault-powered entries to not finish the race.

Renault Sport insists that it has got to the bottom of the technical issues it faced in the Australian Formula One race.

Despite the fact that 3 of its autos produced the factors, the other 5 Renault-powered entries failed to see the flag, albeit for a variety of factors.

“After a challenging race in Australia, we are genuinely seeking forward to Malaysia,” explained head of track operations Remi Taffin. “We had a number of issues across the autos in Melbourne, but we have re-created the difficulties in the dyno at Viry [France]. Most are fixed, and the remaining will be under manage by Friday in Sepang. Although we anticipate even more troubles may possibly occur, we are significantly more capable to react rapidly to reduce their impact.”

Intriguingly, Taffin pointed out that Sepang will be one particular of the toughest races of the 12 months for the V6 element of the new energy unit.

“Sepang is one of the circuits whose technical demands will alter under the new rules. In the V8 era, the circuit sat towards the middle of the table for the challenge it posed for engines, but now it will be a single of the toughest races of the yr.

“Of the 6 primary components of the PU, the inner-combustion engine will be under the most strain in Malaysia. The humidity in Sepang made it a small bit easier on generally aspirated engines considering that energy comes down as the water material in the air increases. This indicates we were usually in a position to offset the effect of the 2 lengthy straights.

“This year, we won’t have this luxury. With a turbo engine, the air consumption is managed at all times irrespective of ambient situations, so individuals extended straights will actually commence to hurt. As a consequence, Sepang will turn into a great deal significantly less forgiving as twice a lap the PUs will be flat out, with the turbo revving at shut to 100,000 rpm for over 10 [seconds].”

He also pinpointed the part of energy recovery in Malaysia: “The straights, which are over one km each and every, will even so give lots of chance for the MGU-H to be recharged. The tight corners, such as the T15 hairpin, the initial corner complicated and the mid-to-reduced velocity corners in the third sector will let the MGU-K to recover vitality under braking. With comparatively substantial fuel consumption due to the quick bursts of acceleration between turns, receiving highest power from these opportunities will be amazingly critical.”

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