Renault, Caterham to dissolve joint sportscar venture?

Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept

Prolonged residing in the shadow of Lotus, British automaker Caterham is keen to make it on its very own – however perhaps not all on its own. The business that manufactured its name developing continuation versions of the iconic Lotus 7 even now relies on automakers like Ford and Suzuki to provide its engines, and developed the SP/300.R with Lola, but has been forging a a lot deeper alliance with Renault.

The partnership started when Renault started supplying the Caterham F1 team with engines in 2011, but has considering that extended far beyond that. The 2 entered a joint venture in 2012 to develop a new sports activities automobile, began speaking about utilizing Renault engines in versions of the Caterham 7 and even hinted at making a crossover together. But if the most recent intel from across the pond is to be believed, that could all come crashing down.

The difficulty reportedly stems from delays in the growth of the joint sports automobile program below the Societé des Vehicles Alpine Caterham banner. Following displaying the style to pick clients to lukewarm reception, Renault apparently went back to the drawing board, taking Caterham along with it, significantly to the latter’;s dismay. The 2 could nonetheless launch the motor vehicle, albeit independently, but that could be the last we see of the collaboration. We can only hope that one version or one more makes the transatlantic voyage Stateside.

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