Redesigned Nissan Rogue’s Front-Row Storage Goes From Zero to Hero


There was a bunch of hoopla at the 2013 Los Angeles Car Demonstrate surrounding the redesigned 2014 Nissan Rogue’;s improved cargo storage. It now has a shelf system and beneath-floor storage, and the sliding 2nd-row seats make much more area in the cargo region if necessary. Despite individuals wonderful cargo attributes in my test of the Rogue, I was most impressed with the enhanced storage in the front row (photograph over).

2014 Nissan Rogue’;s Cargo System Created for Household Existence

Nissan had room for improvement with the 2014 Rogue’;s front storage areas since the earlier generation had only a single nook following to the cupholders. That single cubby (photo after jump) was not sufficient for all the small products — smartphone, lip balm, loose modify — that want to be within the driver’;s reach.


The 2014 Rogue improves on the storage front with a a modest, but deep, cubby in front of the center cargo bin and a bigger, grippy tray in front of the gearshift that can hold a smartphone or even a small carton of Goldfish crackers. It really is not a massive tray and it’;s not deep, but it gives me sufficient area to property random objects that need to have a area to live in any automobile.


The redesigned crossover’;s center cargo bin is now deep adequate to fit water bottles that are standing and even a pack of wipes. The prior-generation Rogue’;s center cargo bin was not really as deep. Speaking of water bottles, the door pockets now have bottle holders — an additional bonus.

The changes up front may possibly not be as nifty as the rear cargo location, but they are just as welcomed.

Automobiles.com photographs by Sara Lacey

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