Red Bull Romaniacs even much more impressive in slow motion

Red Bull Romaniacs

It’;s a great deal of exciting to observe motorcycles getting pushed to their limits, with riders manipulating machines to do specifically what they want. Red Bull apparently understands that reality properly, as it has taken the minimalist method to selling the Red Bull Romaniacs Challenging-Enduro Rally in Sibiu, Romania, from July 15-19. The video promo is basically slow-movement video of cycles negotiating tough terrain set to music, and it is pretty wonderful.

The enduro rally takes location over 4 days this summer time in the Southern Carpathian Mountains, with phases going for 25 to 200 kilometers per day (62 to 124 miles). In accordance to the promoter, the race is meant to have a large problems level, and tarmac is avoided has significantly as feasible along the planned route. With so numerous riders having to abandon the competitors, it claims “to finish is to be a winner.” Scroll down to check out out some slow-mo enduro action.

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