Previous NHRA Humorous Car champion Matt Hagan triumphs by means of heartbreaking disaster


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The particular gently rolling hillsides of Matt Hagan’s 500-acre Angus cattle plantation in southwestern Virginia supply refuge from your deafening discord of the pull strip for your 2-time NHRA Humorous Car champion.

One particular spot on the home, nestled within the scenic Azure Ridge Hills, with a look at of their parents’ house nearly 2 miles throughout the winding countryside road, are the sites of a recently built mausoleum. It’s the last resting host to Hagan’s youthful brother, Kyle, who visited bed the night time of January. 7 and not woke upward. His unpredicted passing arrived within a 30 days of their grandfather’s death.

“It’s very unlucky, very heartbreaking, very unfortunate. He had been 32 years of age, and you think about why. There are no true reason. Things just occurs. You have to cope with it, regardless of whether you’re furious or you are hurt. That is the hands you’re treated, ” Hagan stated.

He surfaced from the offseason with a new truth and a brand new take on lifetime.

“Now I actually look at matters a little various. Make daily count since you don’t understand when it is your own last. You simply got to seem forward plus make sure each day has a objective, ” he or she said.

Hagan, 34, produced his 2 February cross-country trips in order to Pomona, Ca, and Phoenix, az meaningful. This individual drove the particular Don Schumacher Racing-owned Mopar/Express Lane Avoid to success in the 1st 2 activities of the 2017 Mello Yello Drag Race schedule, adding to DSR’s 300th-triumph milestone.

“We won the very first 2 events. If that is not recovery, I don’t understand what is, ” he mentioned.

“You get in the competition car and you also think, ‘Man, I should end up being home along with my family, ’” Hagan mentioned, salving any kind of guilt simply by saying: “You’ve got to nevertheless live. You have to be a person. And you have to enjoy lifestyle every 2nd that you get. ”

Matt Hagan in action pic  1

Hagan is getting a measure of serenity on the racetrack this season. Picture by Ron Lewis

Bulldozing the road to the mausoleum provided him the particular solitude to work through his emotions. Kyle acquired chosen that will spot because the place this individual wanted to develop his house someday. Plus laying Kyle to relaxation there presented yet another studying curve pertaining to Matt.

Hagan is used in order to figuring out hard situations. He or she was the 1st in his loved ones to competition, although their father, Brian, owns eleven car dealers throughout the area. His dad’s ne2rking assisted him discover local sponsors, who launched him in order to automaker associates and others within corporate The united states. He reduce his tooth in the IHRA, then undertaken and overcome the NHRA (in last year and 2014, respectively).

Strangely enough, he is the first-generation character, too.

“I went plus bought a few land and set a house onto it. And it is quite a bit of a large plot. I’m such as, ‘I’m not really mowing this particular every day. Therefore let’s create a few fencing and put a few cows out there here, ’” Hagan stated. “The the next thing you know, you are doing it. And when I’m likely to do it, I am going to get it done full-scale­. In case I’m likely to buy vehicles, let’s purchase some huge tractors. When I’m likely to get some cows, let’s obtain a lot of cows. If you have a good addictive character, you do all you do totally. That’s just like racing. It is hard to transform it on and turn into it away from.

“You emerge (to the particular racetrack) in addition to to turn this on, in addition to to turn (the other) elements off. It is taken me personally awhile to understand to do that. Yet I think I have got quite a good deal with on it. After i get back house, it’s open: Pull your own boots upon and cow shit almost everywhere and let us go, ” he mentioned. “A great deal of times you receive off the plane and obtain on a tractor and it is 1: thirty in the morning plus you’re nevertheless cutting existe. ”

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Hagan furthermore picked up the particular ins and outs from the retail entire world. He owns a Matt Hagan-branded, admittedly “niche” Western shop in ­Blacksburg, Virginia. This individual shut down their original shop in Radford, Virginia, any time a competitor transferred in across the street and costed Hagan away from that marketplace. So this individual literally required his weapons to town—along with his attire and outside gear—and cut down. But this individual isn’t lowering his race.

“You can not replace the sensation that you get during these Funny Vehicles with other things, ” Hagan said. “I’ve skydived, performed monster vehicles, done circle-track racing, pull boats—you mention the product and. You can’t substitute the competition. Excellent 5-month-old in your own home (son Tucker) and a 7- and 10-year-old (daughter Cent and kid Colby) along with a farm plus businesses. It is a lot in order to juggle. ”

But faithful to his guarantee to make every day satisfying, this individual said: “It’s hard to show somebody, whenever you put that will mouthpiece within and draw that headgear on, the particular rush you will get when you see that will win gentle come on in the other finish of the racetrack. I can not put it within words. I am very interested in it, plus it would be difficult to walk away through. It’s why is you entire. It’s a good addiction, actually. It’s natural addiction. You can not get that will fix somewhere else. ”

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