Porsche 911 with VW turbodiesel prepares for LeMons assault

The diesel 911

LeMons racing is a fantastic example that setting limits can truly breed creativity. The series mandates that all entries need to cost $ 500, not counting safety gear, and that cap forces teams to be ingenious in how they create a racecar. Consider for instance this diesel-powered Porsche 911, which its creators have dubbed Ferkel the Nein-11, that will be racing in the Sears Pointless race this weekend in Sonoma, California.

This Frankenstein combines a 911 chassis that was originally purchased just for its European powertrain and a Volkswagen TDI diesel engine mounted in the rear. Following choosing the shell could nonetheless be of some use, the staff decided to go racing. “We began brainstorming what replacement drivetrain to use for greatest offense and there was actually only 1 response: a diesel,” explained Philipp von Weitershausen, one of the group captains, to Jalopnik. They bought a 1998 Jetta TDI on the low cost and began figuring out a way to hack the engine into the bay. To pay respect to the donor, the VW’;s trunk was highly modified (and drilled) and grafted onto the back of Ferkel.

This team is not a newcomer to LeMons. Its final auto was a classic VW Beetle with a Subaru engine and dual controls, named Ferdinand the Bug, which could be driven from the left or proper side. It truly is very a sight.

As Ferkel demonstrates, LeMons gives a way for amateurs a reasonably inexpensive way to go endurance racing. The restrictions force builders to do issues far out of the norm and use what is about them to get items accomplished. The staff has chronicled the entire build with video clips on Facebook. Bravo to the turbodiesel 911.

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