Police total &#39skid car&#39 training

Officers with the Enterprise Police Division have recently finished training that will aid boost their driving skills.

Stan Fant, of the Alabama Municipal Insurance coverage Corporation, which supplies insurance requirements for municipalities across the state, provided the training via a “skid automobile.”

Fant has been operating with the corporation for 14 many years considering that retiring after 30 many years with the Alabama State Troopers.

He travels during the state with “skid automobile,” which is a hydraulically controlled car made to simulate what it feels like when a auto loses control.

The coaching helps to boost a driver’s reaction and correction when a car goes into a skid.

“The object of this education is to be able to recognize what it’s like to drop manage and what to do to get management back,” Fant explained.

This awareness is advantageous to officers not only when responding to emergency calls, or on wet or icy roads, but also when concerned in higher-velocity pursuits.

All officers with the EPD, as effectively as firefighters and some public works staff, total the education.

EPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Billy Haglund explained the specially created car enables officers to complete the instruction in a smaller region at a decrease speed.

The instruction was completed at the large parking whole lot beside Hillcrest Baptist Church.

Haglund explained it’s a requirement for the Enterprise division to full the instruction every single 12 months.

Officers also attended 2 hours of classroom coaching on the subject.

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