Players with most high-priced Cars and Insurance coverage

See which vehicles do the Premier League players drive and what are the specialties of the vehicle.

1. Wayne Rooney [Manchester United]

Manchester United and England striker driver Assortment Rover Sport which is regarded as the King of SUV. Its so fast that it reaches -60mph in just 6.2 seconds, the time it takes to get the complete title of the vehicle.

Price of the car: Around £100k


Prime Speed: 140 mph

Sneak Peak of Guy United star man in his ride:

Wayne Rooney in his car.

Wayne Rooney in his automobile.

Other gamers who use the very same vehicle in the Premier League are:

2. John Terry: Chelsea and England Defender

As reputable he is in the pitch, the backbone of Chelsea’s defense has his trip among the best. He owns other automobiles as well but is seen more in this trip considering that receiving one for himself.

Chelsea and England defender John Terry with his Car.

3. Ryan Giggs: Manchester United and Wales’ veteran Midfielder

As reliable he has been for the club he plays, he has chosen this car for his ride. This car is quickly not like his sprint but it positive lasts longer like his job has been since his debut.

Manchester United and Wales veteran midfielder Ryan giggs with his Car.

4. Luis Suarez: Liverpool and Uruguay Striker

Suarez’s early Liverpool days were full of controversies and he has been bettering himself off the pitch and on the pitch as well. Maybe the ride he has own made a bit variation?

Lui Suarez in his Car

5. Scott Parker: Fulham and England Midfielder

His teammates contact him Mr. Dependable and Scotty Parker may possibly have his reliable as in wheels he owns. He has been spotted many time in this trip and it demands no a lot more description on why he plays so properly with the safety he has with the ball in midfield.

Scott Parker in hid car Range Rover



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